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University and College Webmasters Listserv

The University and College Webmasters Listserv (uwebd) is dedicated to assisting people responsible for implementing and maintaining web sites in a University environment.

The mandate of the University Web Developers' Mailing List is to provide a discussion forum for people responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining a web site for a higher education institution such as a University. Any topic related to this audience is allowed, including technical web development and site design questions, inquiries about administrative policies at various institutions, training and conference information, useful support tools, etc.

The list was originally created by Andy Dennee of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA. He maintained the list on a listserver at In early 2000, Andy passed the torch on to Terry Calhoun at the University of Michigan and the list moved to At the time there were over 650 subscribers to the list from all over the world.

Make Web-based changes or subscribe/unsubscribe at:

If you experience problems, contact list owner Terry Calhoun

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