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UNI Google Custom Search Engine

UNI is now using the Google Custom Search to search the website. Previously, we had used the Google Public Service Search, which is no longer supported by Google (although the code still works).

There are three configurations currently developed for the Google Custom Search. One is simply linking to the UNI Search Page, at The search engine can be configured on a page as a single, standalone search box or in combination with a UNI Directory Search choice.

Searching only the UNI website

To use the Google Custom Search engine to search only the UNI web site, use the code below.

This code goes in the body

Search w/ UNI web site and directory

To use the Google Custom Search Engine in combination with the UNI Directory Search, with radio buttons to choose the desired search, use the code below. The radio buttons may be replaced with buttons of your design if they are not being used in the standard UNI header.

This code goes in the head

This code goes in the body

UNI Site search with custom subsite search

To set up a custom site search coupled with a UNI site search, you need to set up a google search. Create a Custom Search account with Google and set up the engine. Put the code Google gives you in the spot noted in the code below. Then, download the results package and copy your search ID number (IE: 011098738754097199461:oywhsfqqr2s) over each of the 5 places noted. Upload this page to your server. Finally, point the code google provided instead to your custom search page.

A walkthrough(PDF) has been created to demonstrate these steps.

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