The magestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains provide a scenic backdrop for ranching activities of the adjacent Wet Mountain Valley. The Sangre peaks pictured here, Humboldt, Crestone Needle, and Horn are part of the 226,455 acre Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area, designated by Congress in 1993.

Purpose and Scope of This Web Site

This web site is maintained by Wayne and Jan Anderson at the University of Northern Iowa to provide information on the natural history of the northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado. The articles concentrate on Custer County and focus on geology and wildflowers. For permission to use images and text from this web site, please check with the authors. Comments are welcome at wayne dot anderson at uni dot edu.

This web site is organized into two main parts: the geology of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the wildflowers of the area. Those topics may be accessed below by clicking on the appropriate button of your choice or corresponding picture. This site was updated in the fall of 2006.

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