Resources for Weather Analysis and Forecasting


FX-Net Users Manual

DataStreme Atmosphere

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

WSR-88D Station List

COMET Multimedia Database

Water in the Earth System

    National Weather Service

Upper Air Data



METAR Identifiers - By State

Federal Met. Handbook No. 1

U. of Wyoming Surface Observations

    Ohio State

Texas A&M Weather Interface

    Plymouth State Archive to 1998


Numerical Weather Models

    Eta (NAM) Meteograms

Operational Models Matrix

NCEP Model Documentation

Model Performance Statistics

MOS Current Forecast Products

MOS Help Page

Unisys Model Data - NGM | Eta | AVN | MOS

STORM Forecasts for Course



Skew-T Diagrams - Link 1 (RAP)

Skew-T Diagrams - Link 2 (Wyoming)

Skew-T Diagrams - Link 3 (DuPage)

Satellite Estimated Skew-T Diagrams

Isentropic Exercise Image

Isentropic Data

Severe Weather Case Study (PowerPoint)

SPC Hourly Mesoscale Analysis

SPC Forecast Products

SPC Composite Map

SPC Threat Climatology

WSI Radar Estimated Precipitation

Real-Time Radar Data

Flash Flood Guidance

Forecasting: Radar Sites

Forecasting: Forecast Sheets

Blank SPC Severe Weather US Map

US Topography Map

Severe Weather Reports

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