EARTHSCI 3230:  Air Quality

Spring 2012

Professor Alan Czarnetzki



Reading:           The Clean Air Act and Health – A Clearer View from 2011


                        Health Study 1  – reading assigned on Jan. 25                           Health Study 2 – reading assigned on Jan. 25


                        Mercury Rain – reading assigned on Feb. 6                                           Tradable Allowances – assigned on Feb. 6


                        Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program – Feb. 8


                        Greenhouse Gas Reporting Fact Sheet – Feb. 8


                        Interface to GHG Data – Feb. 8


                        Nonlocal Approach to Determining Atmospheric Stability – assigned on Feb. 15



Homework 1 and 2 Resources:

            EPA AirData                EPA Interface to the Code of Federal Regulations

Pre-Homework 3 Resources:

Current Weather Conditions at UNI – includes Solar Radiation

Historic Weather Conditions at UNI – Solar Radiation data available since June 5, 2009

                        Column labeled ‘Solar Rad.’ is the solar radiation intensity, in W/m2, at the time of observation

                        Column labeled ‘Solar Energy’ is the amount of accumulated solar radiation energy, in Langleys, over the half hour ending at the time of observation

                                    Multiply value in Langleys by 0.011622 to convert to kWh/m2

Historic Solar Radiation Data for Iowa – set ‘Plot Variable’ to ‘Solar Radiation’, select your date, and then ‘Make Plot’

                        Multiply value in Langleys by 0.011622 to convert to kWh/m2

Cedar Falls Utilities – Residential Electric Rates

Homework 3 Resource:

            Operating Permit for CFU Power Plant

Smoke Plume Exercise





Dispersion Modeling


Dispersion Basics Training Module


CAMEO/HYSPLIT Training Module  


CAMEO Home            MARPLOT Maps        Online version of CAMEO Chemicals



            AERMOD online documentation

Air Quality Criteria

            For Ozone

            For PM


General Resources


National Ambient Air Quality Standards                                    ThetaV Profiles:    Text     Plots at 00 UTC     Plots at 12 UTC


CAMEO Online                                                                       NWS Air Quality Forecast System                   Global Ozone Monitoring


EPA Clean Air Market – Allowance Trading                             Air Resources Lab - READY (mixed layer forecasts, wind rose forecasts)

The Clean Air Act          History of the Clean Air Act                Richardson Number:  Plots at 12 UTC

Iowa’s State Implementation Plan (SIP)                                    IA Mesonet



Air Quality Agencies                                                                 US EPA's Office of Air and Radiation                                                                          

Iowa's Air Quality Bureau                                                                                   

Polk County Air Quality Division                                          University of Wyoming  - Surface Observations

Linn County Air Quality Division                                           GOES Soundings

University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory


Professional Organizations                                                                    Job Listings                               Internship Opportunities

Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA)                               State of Iowa                           P2 Intern Program

          Journal of the AWMA

          Midwest Section of the AWMA

          Iowa Chapter of the AWMA                                                                  Related Industries/Employers

The American Meteorological Society                                                               WindLogics

The National Weather Association

Central Iowa Chapter of the National Weather Association

Eastern Iowa/Northwest Illinois Chapter of the National Weather Association

University of Michigan – Air Quality Laboratory

Graduate Programs in Air Quality

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

               Institute for Environmental Studies

               Air Resources Management

Air Quality Models

EPA Support Center for Regulatory Air Models

Air Resources Laboratory - Real Time Dispersion Model