EARTHSCI 3210/5210   Meteorology

Fall 2013

Professor Alan Czarnetzki

Weather Briefing Resources                                                               The American Meteorological Society

Other Briefing Resources                                                                               Curricula Guide                      

STORM Forecasting Exercise                                                            AMS Policy Statement on Bachelor's Degree

Model Display Resource         Model Documentation                                    The National Weather Association           Central Iowa Chapter

IA Mesonet                                                                                         Air and Waste Management Association

NCDC State of the Climate                                                               Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science

November 1998 Midlatitude Cyclone                                                            National Hurricane Center     

Glossary of Meteorology


NY Times Essay:  The Weatherman Is Not a Moron     (Original)

Climatology:   ALO             MCW                 DSM               OTM               CID              DBQ         MLI          BRL          SUX

                        MSN          MKE          FSD          HON          MHE

Persistence:     Hourly Reports for Iowa in table format; from within the map, click on station of interest             

                                    Other States  (select graphical option after state name)

                        Hourly Reports for Iowa in plain language (reports contain 6-hourly highs and lows at appropriate times)         

University of Wyoming has detailed hourly reports in UTC              Maps of ‘Overnight Lows’ and ‘Daytime Highs’