870:122 Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Spring 2011

STORM Forecasting Exercise              IA Mesonet                  SPC Mesoscale Analysis Page                         

Resources for course                            NWS Reference Guide - Equipment                

Des Moines Office of the National Weather Service                                                                             

Davenport Office of the National Weather Service                                           

La Crosse Office of the National Weather Service                                             SPC Storm Reports                                         

Weather Briefing Links                                                                                     Surface Map Archive          Archived Data

The National Weather Association            Central Iowa Chapter                       National Weather Service River Forecast Centers

The American Meteorological Society                                                               NWP Model Documentation                NWP Models

Model SkewTs                                                             IA DOT Weatherview                    Model Display Resource

RUC Severe Weather Forecasting Products                 Perfect Prog Meteograms                Model Output Statistical Guidance (“MOS”)

RUC Severe Weather Forecasting Overlays                  MetEd Website