Dr. Hitlan's Picks

The following is a list of internet sites that are related to the material within each of the chapters we will be studying in Psychology Applied to Work


Chapter 1 (The History of I/O Psychology)                             Chapter 6 (Predictors)                                            Chapter 11 (Stress and Well-Being)

Academy of Management                                                             Online HR Guide - Selection                                     Does Work Make You Sick?

Society for Human Resource Management                                    What are BioData?                                                   American Institute of Stress

American Psychological Association                                              Assessment Center Information                                 Job Stress Help

American Psychological Society                                                    Lie detectors                                                            Workstress.Net

Internet Survival Guide for I/O Psychology                                    Test Locator                                                            Dept. of Justice - Workplace Violence

                                                                                                                                                                                   Dealing with Workplace Violence


Chapter2 (Research Methods inn I/O Psychology)                 Chapter 7 (Selection and Personnel Law)           Chapter 12 (Groups and Work Teams)

Academy of Management Research Methods Division                   Workforce Magazine - Online                                 Center for the Study of Work Teams

APA Style Crib Sheets                                                                  HR Guide - Law Section                                        Research on Virtual Teams

Virtual Statistics Library                                                                 EEOC Homepage                                                  Team Selection

Employment Statistics Homepage                                                   HR Law Megalinks                                                Work Teams Study Center

Online Statistical Methods Resource                                               U.S. Department of Labor                                     Teambuilding

Chapter 3  (Job Analysis)                                                            Chapter 8 (Training)                                           Chapter 13 (Leadership)

O*NET                                                                                          American Society for Training and Development      Center for Creative Leadership

O*NET Online                                                                               The TrainingNet                                                      Leadingtoday.org

Job Analysis Net (HR Guide)                                                          Training .org                                                           Big Dog's Leadership Page

Harvey's Job Analysis and Personality Site                                       Training ABC.com - video store                             Bad Managers Web Page

Job Evaluation Site

Chapter 4 (Criterion Measurement)                                            Chapter 9 (Motivation)

Dictionary of Occupational Titles                                                       Guide to Motivating Employees

Measurement of Variables                                                                 Common Myths about Employee Motivation

Performance Measurement                                                                Motivation workshop

Job Descriptive Index Website                                                          McGregor's Theory X and Y

                                                                                                        Motivating and Rewarding Employees


Chapter 5  (Performance Appraisal)                                               Chapter 10 (Job Attitudes)

Performance Appraisal Links 1                                                       Moderating Role of Positive Affectivity

Performance Appraisal Links 2                                                        Job Attitudes and Behaviors

Comprehensive 360-Feedback Page                                               Work Attitudes -  Barnes@uconn

UC San Diego Guide for Perf. Appraisal