Can you be our Nanny ?   

Kids Names & Ages            Typical Day        About Your Room

Can you move to the Midwest? We live in Iowa and would love a Nanny of any age who has traveled and could teach our daughters an interesting skill or hobby. We have a great family with three adorable girls (oldest is in school during the day, ages 17 months to 9 years). Starting mid-August, we need a mature, loving, responsible person to care for our two youngest daughters during the day and oldest after school. Your responsibilities would include taking them to the park across the street, making lunch, keeping kitchen and bedrooms/play areas tidy, some light housekeeping. We are hoping to find a fun and energetic person, who loves children and can be a part of our family. We are seeking a person who would like to relocate, who feels a calling to work with children, and believes she has what it takes to help a family adjust as Mom returns to full time work.

Position includes: Large, furnished bedroom suite with two closets, private entry; Private bathroom ; Satellite TV; Laptop computer with internet access ; All utilities; All meals (when you are home); Sunday morning transportation to church of your choice, if needed; Plenty of privacy when not being a nanny; plus weekly salary of $150 (higher salary is negotiable); (If coming from out of state, we would helping on relocation costs). Two  weeks paid vacation a year plus more time off if needed/wanted.

 Feel free to email ( and ask any questions. Retirees welcome!




Jory, Age 9  Likes Horses, Gymnastics, Hanna Montana, and Reading. Jory is a super big sister.

Samantha (age 3) likes to swing, slide and to dance. She likes Dora and talks in long, elaborate paragraphs.

Liza is 16 months old. She likes to dance and play in water.




A typical day might be…
(based on what Mom does now)


•7:30 breakfast ( Mom will still make big breakfast for everyone before leaving)
•8:00 parents leave for work
•8:00 – 8:30 Samantha likes to watch Dragon Tails on TV. Usually, Mom takes this time to clean kitchen after breakfast.
•9:00ish – get kids dressed/fix hair/play in rooms.  Stroller ride, maybe go to park.
•10:00 – snack time (fruit and cracker, juice with water)
•10:15 – run errands or visit library if needed
•11:30 -  lunch (include a vegetable, and Mom serves chocolate milk for lunch)
•12:30 – get ready for nap
•12:45-2:00 Mom cleans as needed, relaxes and checks email during nap time.
•2:00 – snack after nap
•2:30 – park or sprinkler outside (maybe play dough or dance music inside)
•3:30-4:30 – Jory plays with younger sisters, start dinner and clean kitchen, Samantha and Jory like to put out silverware / napkins
•Parents home 4:30 or 5 on most day
•You would be off by 5 and could eat dinner with family or upstairs as you choose.
Other: Jory has gymnastics two or three times a week




....Your Bedroom....

(more info below)


Door to your own full bathroom

Nice View

Two white doors go to two good sized closets

Additional Info: There is a small room that we could convert to a kitchenette next to your room. Currently it is a small bedroom that you could use to house a guest.  The suite is on the third floor that  we seldom use unless we entertain (it is separated from the areas we use day to day and would allow sense of privacy when not working).

PS: You can of course change the pictures we have up, we want you to feel at home.