Psychological Statistics




Psychological Statistics

 Fall 2013

Class: M, W, F  1:00 - 1:50 (SAB 227)

     Lab  - F  2:00-1:50 (SAB 109)


Instructor:  Dr. Robert T. Hitlan
Office:  Baker 437
Office Phone:  319-273-2223
Office Hours:  M, W  3:00-4:00 & by appt.
E-mail:  rob.hitlan@uni.edu

Teaching Assistant:  Manuel Salinas
Office:  Baker 443
Office Phone:  n/a
Office Hours:  
E-mail:  salinasm@uni.edu



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General Course Announcements

08/26/13 - Welcome to Statistical Methods. 

08/27/13 - I have a listing of videos on different aspects of statistics that students may check out from me for up to 24 hours. These videos are introductory videos covering a wide range of topic areas we will cover this semester. Let me know if you are interested...

*What is statistics?, 

*Picturing distributions,

*Describing distributions, 

*Normal distributions,

*Normal calculations, 

*Time series,

*Models for growth, 

*Describing relations


*Multidimensional data analysis,

*The question of causation, 

*Experimental design,

*Blocking and sampling, 

*Samples and surveys,

*What is probability, 

*Random variables,

*Binomial distributions, 

*The samples mean,

*Confidence intervals, 

*Significance tests,

*Inference for one mean, 

*Comparing two means,

*Inference for proportions, 

*Inference for two-way tables,

*Inference for relations, 

*Case study, 

*Hypothesis Tests about Mean, 

*Hypothesis Tests with Variance Unknown, 

*Logistic Regression, 

*Inference for Regression, 

*Multiple Regression: Building the Model, 

*Nonparametric Tests, 

*Sampling distributions and the Central Limit theorem, 

Most videos are approximately 30 minutes in length.



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