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Aaron Thompson
University of Northern Iowa
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Cedar Falls, Iowa
May, 2001
Professional Experience
Information Technology Services
Assistant Database Administrator
Cedar Falls, Iowa
July, 2004 - Present
Provide support for Oracle DBMS.
Provide support and assistance to development staff.
Administer and maintain database security.
... in progress ...

... in progress ...
Cedar Falls Public Library
Consulting System Administrator
Cedar Falls, Iowa
March, 2004 - May, 2004
Install and configure various network services: DHCPd, DNS, Active Directory, Terminal Services, and file/printer sharing.
Write, and maintain Active Directory administrative documentation.
Prepare software for deployment through Active Directory.
Design and implement an Active Directory system.
Write scripts to automate administrative tasks.

Established an Active Directory environment for Cedar Falls Public Library.
College of Natural Sciences
UNIX System Administrator
Cedar Falls, Iowa
May, 2001 - June, 2004
Configure and Administer 15 servers running GNU/Linux.
Configure and Administer 5 servers running Windows NT4, 2000 and 2003.
Provide end-user, and administrative support to 150 faculty and staff users.
Provide end-user, and administrative support to 2500 student users.
Hire, train and supervise technical support staff.
Act as technical supervisor to various committees in the college.
Act as technical representitve for the college and Information Technology Services.
Develop and enforce policies for lab and server environments.
Write, and maintain user documentation.

Developed tools to automate account creation and maintenance.
Developed a web-based task and inventory tracking system.
Established an Active Directory / LDAP / Samba lab environment.
Expanded standardized lab environment within the college.
Dunham Associates
Consulting Programmer
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug, 2000 - Sep, 2000
Work with company contact to develop application specifications.
Windows application development based on defined specification.

Authored application to setup project directory structure.
College of Natural Sciences
Student System Administrator
Cedar Falls, Iowa
May, 2000 - May, 2001
Installation and maintenance of computers in lab and office settings.
Providing Support for Solaris, Linux, DOS, Windows and Mac OS workstations.
Installation and maintenance of servers running Windows NT 4.0, Solaris, and Linux.
Troubleshoot hardware and software problems encountered by end users.
Network hardware installation and configuration.
Basic web application development.
Upgrade various application services (ie. web, email).

Researched and setup qmail email services for students.
Researched web-mail services for faculty members.
UNI's ResNet
Team Lead and ResNet Computer Consultant
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Jan, 1997 - May, 2001
Facilitated communication between ResNet Computer Consultants and University professional staff.
Coordinated ResNet Computer Consultants within and among residence halls.
Provided technical support and educational material for end users.
Provided technical training for ResNet Computer Consultants
Served on ResNet committees to improve service.
Wrote and maintain end-user documentation.

Helped establish responsive and effective support services in the residence halls.
Developed training schedules for new and returning ResNet Computer Consultants.
ITS Network Services
Network Installer and Support Technician
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Jan, 1996 - May, 2000
Installation and maintenance of servers running Windows NT 4.0 and Linux.
Installation of software on DOS, Windows and Mac OS workstations.
Staff and end user support for UNI's ResNet.
Windows application development.
Setup of networking equipment.
Web application development.

Wrote the user side of the initial release of ResNet's Online Registration.
Speaking Engagements
MSC 2003 - IEEE of Cedar Rapids
SPAM Filters from a System Administrators View
Oct. 27, 2003
When an administrator selects tools, in this case a spam filter, they need to consider a host of information about the tool. This talk goes over many of those criteria and gives an example of how to hold an application up to those rules.
UNI's Web Development Conference
Enhancing Your Forms with JavaScript
Jun. 7, 2002
Streamlining the forms on your web-site using JavaScript allows the web developer to interactively communicate and validate information from their users.
Operating Systems
Linux (Various Distributions), MacOS (<= 9.0, X), Solaris (7, 8, 9), Windows (3.1, 9x, NT4, 2000, XP),Windows Server (2000, 2003)
Services (Linux, Unix, Windows)
Active Directory, Apache, Appletalk, Cups, Exim, Ftp, IIS, Imap, LDAP, Lprng, Netatalk, NFS, Pop, Postfix, PostgeSQL, Qmail, Samba, Sendmail, MySQL, SquirrelMail, Ssh, Telnet
Languages and Software
Ada, Bash, C, C++, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, Perl, Visual Basic
Personal Activities
CedarLUG -- I am a founding member of the Cedar Valley Linux Users Group (CedarLUG) which was formed in the spring of 1998 at the University of Northern Iowa.

St. Stephen The Witness -- Assist with network infrastructure, server administration and CGI application development for St. Stephen the Witness Catholic Student Center.

Perl development and CPAN -- I spend time developing utilities and applications in perl. I have gotten many thingy from the open-source community. I am starting to post my code on CPAN and my web site as appropriate to share with the open-source community.