Gloria Adams

Education Major

Bowman, SC

One needs to step out of the square and into the circle.  A place where there are no sharp edges, and are welcome to be oneself.  Ask questions that are waiting to be asked.  Eat the food of others, walk alongside them, play their games, hold their hands, listen to their concerns, and touch their hearts.  It is just as important for you to open your heart to their questions. 

In the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower: ”Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart of America.”

Chris Dunkelberg

Business Management Major

Mason City, IA

My trip to Nicaragua was one of the most amazing experiences in my life, and pretty much my first trip out of the country other than Canada and my travels with the military. I did things that I thought that I would never do, like zip lining and climbing a mountain, and met the most amazing people, such as Dona Angela! Even though it was a short trip, only 10 days, I experienced enough to last me a lifetime, but I know that this is never enough time to truly appreciate the people and culture of Nicaragua. If I had the chance to go back, and the time, I would definitely jump at the opportunity. As I had said in one of my journal entries, I am ready for more! "

Holly Gleich

Science Major

Ottumwa, IA

The Nicaraguan people are the most amiable that I have ever met. I immediately felt like I was part of their family. I was blessed with the opportunity to work alongside the children in the schools and even help the cooks make tortillas. There were language barriers at times, but I was surprised to see how far a smile went. A smile and a friendly gesture can definitely cross language barriers. 

Yin-Ya Huang

Leisure Services Major



Omar Medina

Supply Chain Management Major

Born in Mexico

Cedar Rapids, IA

The recent trip to Nicaragua was a great investment for everyone that had the opportunity to make this trip.  I consider it as an investment because we all gained so much more than what we paid in economic terms. 

This trip gave me more knowledge about the history of Central America which is what I wanted.

Chelse Monnier

Business Management

Ionia, IA


Dawn Sperfslage

Public Relations and Marketing Major

Winthrop, IA

Experiencing the Nicaraguan culture was a life-changing event, there aren’t enough words to do it justice. This trip was my first to Nicaragua, but I don’t think it will be my last. The people’s hearts just suck you right in!

Amy Yates

English Education Major

Mobile, AL

In everything you do, remember God, and do everything to the best of your ability.  In my experience in Nicaragua, I found out that in schools students and teachers can pray and thank God for what they have.  The public transportation system also has Live for Jesus or Jesus is the Life on the front and back of their buses.  At least there is one country in the Americas that isn't afraid of proclaiming God and I am proud of them for advertising salvation.