Breanne Boldt


Mount Pleasant, IA

2008 Nicaragua Team InsightsTraveling to Nicaragua was the greatest experience of my life.I learned many things through observing and interacting with the people.I can say that I will try not totake things for granted with the people of Nicaragua hardly have any of the material things that we have.

Trish Breen


Denison, IA

Nicaragua was a life-changing experience.This trip opened my eyes to the beautiful world around me.I learned about other peopleís lives and my own, while making many new friendships.I never pictured myself going to Nicaragua, but am so glad I did!

Steve Carlson


Ankeny, IA

It was an amazing way to immerse ourselves in both urban and rural Nicaragua culture.The best learning experience Iíve ever had.

Kate Daniels


Riverside, IA

I cannot really explain how meaningful this experience was to me.What I learned in Nicaragua cannot be explained with words or even pictures.All of the memories belong to our group, and it is impossible for others to truly understand exactly what we learned and accomplished during those eleven days together.

J.P. Helgens

Business Administration

Cedar Rapids, IA

The world is not as I thought I knew it.This trip to Nicaragua gave me a glimpse of the world that surrounds me.I had a great experience and came back with a better perspective of everything.

Molly McKim


Altoona, IA

This trip really opened my eyes to the everyday issues people deal with when living in poverty.It has taught me to not take things for granted and to think of others before myself.

Jessica McNaul

Business Administration

Montezuma, IA

The Nicaragua trip was a great cultural trip and life changing.I grew so much as an individual in the short time we were gone.I am really glad I had the opportunity to go!

Josh Mahoney


Sioux Falls, SD

I took a lot of things away from our trip to Nicaragua.I had a great time being able to learn about a different culture and in the process learned about myself as well.Definitely a rewarding experience all around!

Tory Medlinger


Bellevue, IA

This was my first time being immersed completely in a different culture and country.I am so glad that I was able to experience my study abroad opportunity in Nicaragua.

Kelly Nessa

Business Administration

Zearing, Iowa

It is one of those experiences that is hard to define, but in ways will define you.

Schuylar Oordt


Cedar Falls, IA

Although I was a little unsure of what to expect prior to the trip, I was thoroughly pleased.The people, food, and experiences will provide you with a lifetime of memories.

Natalie OíNeill


Davenport, IA

Our trip to Nicaragua was amazing.I have never met more sincere and generous people than those of Siares.I donít think I could have chosen a better place to visit for my first time out of the country.

Tiffany Shafer

Human Resources

Monona, IA

The experiences I had in Nicaragua have taught me lessons about human beings and how I live my personal life.I will never forget the friendship, gratitude, and hope I received from the people I met.

Michelle Thomas


Chicago, IL

It was an experience that will live with me forever,.The Nicaragua host family was so kind and hospitable, they took care of us like we were part of their family.The mountains and landscaper were awesome, beautiful sites to see, you have to be there to appreciate the beauty.An experience that has changed my viewpoint of the world and people in a positive way.

Jenny Wagner

Business Administration

Muscatine, IA

It is a wonderful cultural experience that everyone involved can enjoy.It was a change from the busy, time-oriented U.S. to the relaxed Nicaragua.