Socio-Economic Reality of Central America

2012 Team Quotes

Ashley Brink




"To come to Nicaragua is more than taking a class or worrying about gallo pinto and bugs.

 It's about immersing yourself in a whole new world and really opening up to the people and their culture."


Beth Carver

Special Education


"I learned that I take a lot of things for granted and that material items don't equal happiness."

Jordan Eberhart

Business Management

West Union

Being here in Nicaragua has really taught me a lot about myself knowing that I can make a difference. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

Amanda Hinners

Elementary and Early Childhood Education



"This trip has taught me how to be open and willing to learn a new culture. I have had a life changing experience here in Nicaragua. Working with the elementary schools has had a huge impact on my future career as a teacher. I will always remember this trip to Nicaragua!"

Janae Holtkamp



"This time in Nicaragua has been the most memorable time of my life.  I have met so many amazing friends and family.  I will never forget Nicaragua 2012."

Darren Johnson



"We came to Nicaragua to teach the kids some crafts, but we ended up learning more about ourselves than we could ever teach them."

Gabriel Kalkbrenner

Business Economics


"It was bittersweet and unforgettable."


Amber Kearney

Communicative Disorders


"This experience gave me a new perspective and taught me a lot about the Nicaraguan culture and people.  It was great to be immersed fully in their culture and the lives of the people that were so welcoming."

Danny Laudick

Business Economics

Cedar Falls

"Sometimes we need to be reminded of how to find true happiness in our lives, and I cannot thank enough all of the incredible people whom I've met and grown so close to over the last few weeks for that."

Allyson Ries



"Nicaragua taught me to look outside of my world and opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking"

Leah Schulte

Business Management


My experience on the Nicaraguan Capstone was unforgettable and life changing.  Being enthralled in another culture and doing hands on activities to better some of the poorest communities has taught me so much about not only the Nicaraguan culture but also about myself.  Live for the day!

Amanda Severson

Supply Chain Management


I will never forget the people and experiences I encountered on this trip. I learned a lot about myself including not to overlook the little things in life and that I can truly make a difference.

Mary Rose Shelley

Business Economics


Nicaraguans live so simply. Luxury is not something their people strive for. I wish more Americans could see how happy they are with such a simple lifestyle.

Taylor Wineland

Global Marketing


"This trip has taught me to see, learn, and explore more greatly. To appreciate what I have, the opportunities I have been given, and the quality of life I have. I have grown as a person threw this experience and I will always cherish the people and places of Nicaragua."