April 1985 - National Hog Farmer - “Financial Flexibility:  Key to Survival”
March 1986 - National Hog Farmer - “Used buildings & equipment: Traps & Treasures”
August 1987 - National Hog Farmer -“Hog Contracts:  The good, the bad & the risky”
April 1988 - Agri-Finance - “How is a hog contract structured?”
1989- Missouri Commercial Agriculture Swine Production Seminar, March 14-15, “Risk Sharing Contracts”
1989- Produced Children's Album, wrote lyrics for 5 songs
1990-Video for Parkersburg Economic Development- wrote song lyrics, did narration, helped organize the film subjects and shooting.
1990 to1998- column - Parkersburg Eclipse, "All in an Attitude" renamed "From a different perspective"
Spring 1996- Institute for Decision Making Economic Development Update, “Survey Provides Snapshot of Local Marketing Budgets and Programs”
December 1996- paper 4th Annual Conference on Marketing Strategies for Central & Eastern Europe -   Austria “Role of Cultural Differences in Joint Venture Alliances” co-author, Dr. Paul Chao
October 1997- APICS Educational & Research Foundation, Inc. “Supply Chain Management Methods: Ryder Integrated Logistics and the John Deere Waterloo Works” Michael S. Spencer, Terry Adams and Christine Schrage
November 20, 1997- Schrage, Christine R. The Human Factors of Reengineering Organizations with Information Technology.
January 1998- video - “Perspectives of Expatriate Managers”
Spring 1999- Journal of Global Business  “The Role of Cultural Differences in Joint Venture Activities in Selected East European and Central Asian Countries”  co-authors Dr. Paul Chao, Dr. Gerhard Wuehrer, Dunja Koeslich
June 1999- TRAINING and Development , “Training Managers in Post-Soviet Economies” co-author, Allen Jedlicka
June 1999- paper presentation 9th Biennial Conference on International Marketing - Malta “An Examination of Cultural Difference Perceptions in Joint Venture Activities in Uzbekistan” co-authors Dr. Paul Chao and Khamid Aziz-Kariev

June 2001- paper presentation 10th Biennial Conference on International          Marketing-Wales "Student Travel Preferences: A Comparative Study of          University Students in Israel, South Africa, and the United States" co-authors Dr.       Aviv Shahom and Dr. Shelley van Eeden

 June 2001-Two short essays in Succeeding in Central & Eastern Europe: A        guide to cultures, markets, and practices Woodrow H. Sears & Audrone            Tamulionyte-Lentz authors, Butterworth Heinemann, Publisher

June 2003- presentation at the 48th World Conference of the International Council of Small Business in Belfast, Ireland. "Micro-enterprise development for Women in Central America"
2004-"Student Travel Behavior: A Cross-National Study" Aviv Shoham, Christine Schrage and Shelley van Eeden Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing Volume 17, Issue 4, 2004.
June 2004- presentation at the 49th World Conference of the International Council of Small Business in Johannesburg, South Africa. "Micro-Credit Case Study"