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Parkersburg, Iowa    50665 USA

Phone: (319) 346-1365           Email:





EMT-Basic Training                                                        University of Iowa Extension training

Parkersburg, IA                                                             September 2008 to April 2009


CPH Language Immersion School                                  Language Immersion and Service Project

Santa Ana, Costa Rica                                                   July 12 to August 13, 2002


University of Northern Iowa                                            Masters Business Administration

Cedar Falls, Iowa                                                           Graduated Dec. 1997, 3.84 GPA


University of Northern Iowa (AASCB Accredited)             Marketing Major

Cedar Falls, Iowa                                                           International Business Certificate

Graduated- May 11,1996                                                Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Mediation Training        

 Iowa Farmer/Creditor  - 1986; Divorce and Family Disputes - 1991; Public Employment – 1994

            Continuing education seminars from 1986 to 1994


 Iowa Department of Economic Development                 1992

   Certification for Iowa Tourism Leadership


Hawkeye Institute of Technology                                    A.A.S. in Animal Science

            Waterloo, Iowa                                                  1977 (3.48 GPA) 



            ---Coordinator for CBA Global Initiatives 2010 to present

            ---Brazil Fipse Grant Director 2009 to 2014

            ---Developed and Presented a CGBP BootCamp training in Monterrey, Mexico, June 2008

            ---U.S. Department of Education Grant Reader January/February 2007

            ---BIE Grant Assistant Director for University of Northern Iowa College of Business Administration

                        2003 to 2009

            ---Developed and delivered workshop for Market Research for the German Sudanese

                        Quality Assessment Center in Khartoum, Sudan, July 2004

            ---Developed and delivered a week long workshop on Micro Enterprise basics for

                        women in the municipality of Belen in Costa Rica totally in Spanish July 2002

            ---Instructor in Management and Marketing at the University of Northern Iowa in the

                        College of Business Administration January 1998 to present

            ---Interim lecturer in Management and International Business at Wartburg College in

                        Waverly, Iowa September 1999 to April 2000, Fall 2003, Summer 2004

            ---Developed and presented three week marketing workshop in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for

                        business executives July/ August 1997

      ---Graduate Assistant for Marketing Department, University of Northern Iowa.  Ad hoc

                  consultant for Small Business Development Center.  Doing research on joint

                  ventures in former Soviet Union. August 1996 to December 1997

            ---Part-time Certified Mediator for Iowa Mediation Service. December 1986 to 1998

            ---Intern, Institute for Decision Making.  Completed market research study on Community

                        Marketing in Iowa, work with communities on marketing materials, surveys,

                        economic development activities. August 1995 to June 1996

            ---President, Surgical Device International, Inc. marketing the "T-Screw" bone fixation

                        device to Veterinarians in US and Japan as well as training and registration in

                        Spain, Canary Islands, and the Netherlands. August 1992 to December 1995


            ---Founder and President of Pork Purveyors, Ltd., a swine management and record-

                        keeping company.  Developed shared-risk farrowing contracts.  Put together

                        individual projects, did monitoring of herds, credit checks and in 1987 re-

                        developed Swinetrak Recordkeeper with Control-Data. (From July 1988 to

                        November 1989, PPL was a division of Doane Farm Management Company.)

                        January 1986 to January 1995

            ---Branch Manager of United Portfolio Management, Inc. Supervised three collectors

                        negotiating debt settlements and equipment returns. October 1992 to January


            ---Founder and manager - division of Pork Purveyors, Ltd.d/b/a From Parkersburg With

                        Love, a local craftsman's mini mall. Sold business to another manager. May 1990

                         to October 1992

            ---Parkersburg Economic Development Coordinator (part-time), developed an

                        informational profile of the community, coordinated the efforts for three

                        Community Economic Preparedness Program awards in Industry, Commercial,

                        and Tourism.   Prepared the Community Builder Plan for state certification. May

                        1990 to January 1993

            ---Problem Account Specialist for I.F.G. Leasing.  Managed a 20 million dollar portfolio of

                        lease contracts.  Managed five-person branch.  Responsible for collecting

                        delinquent accounts, repossessing equipment, remarketing of assets. July 1981

                        to August 1986

            ---Livestock Specialist and Sales Manager, Tasco, Inc.  Responsible for design,

                        production scheduling, used building renovation, pricing, & marketing. March

                        1977 to June 1981

            ---Draftsman for three different companies. Fall 1971 to 1975




            April 1985 - National Hog Farmer - “Financial Flexibility:  Key to Survival”

            March 1986 - National Hog Farmer - “Used buildings & equipment: Traps & Treasures”

            August 1987 - National Hog Farmer -“Hog Contracts:  The good, the bad & the risky”

            April 1988 - Agri-Finance - “How is a hog contract structured?”

1989- Missouri Commercial Agriculture Swine Production Seminar, March 14-15, “Risk

            Sharing Contracts”

            1989- Produced Children's Album, wrote lyrics for 5 songs

            1990-Video for Parkersburg Economic Development- wrote song lyrics, did narration,

                        helped organize the film subjects and shooting.

            1990 to1998- column - Parkersburg Eclipse, "All in an Attitude" renamed "From a

                        different perspective"

            Spring 1996- Institute for Decision Making Economic Development Update, “Survey

                        Provides Snapshot of Local Marketing Budgets and Programs”

            December 1996- paper 4th Annual Conference on Marketing Strategies for Central &

            Eastern Europe -         Austria “Role of Cultural Differences in Joint Venture Alliances” co-author, Dr. Paul Chao

            October 1997- APICS Educational & Research Foundation, Inc. “Supply Chain

                        Management   Methods: Ryder Integrated Logistics and the John Deere Waterloo

                        Works” Michael S. Spencer, Terry Adams and Christine Schrage

            January 1998- video - “Perspectives of Expatriate Managers”

            Spring 1999- Journal of Global Business  “The Role of Cultural Differences in Joint

                        Venture Activities in Selected East European and Central Asian Countries”  co-

                        authors Dr. Paul Chao, Dr. Gerhard Wuehrer, Dunja Koeslich

            June 1999- TRAINING and Development, “Training Managers in Post-Soviet

                        Economies” co-author, Allen Jedlicka

            June 1999- paper presentation 9th Biennial Conference on International Marketing –

                        Malta   “An Examination of Cultural Difference Perceptions in Joint Venture

                        Activities in Uzbekistan” co-authors Dr. Paul Chao and Khamid Aziz-Kariev

            June 2001- paper presentation 10th Biennial Conference on International Marketing-

                        Cardiff, Wales “Student Travel Preferences: A comparative study of university

                        students in Israel, South Africa and the United States” co-authors Dr. Aviv

                        Shoham of Israel and Dr. Shelley van Eeden of South Africa

            June 2001- two essays published in “Succeeding in Business in Central and Eastern

                        Europe, a guide to cultures, markets, and practices.”  Authors- Woodrow H.

                        Sears and Audrone Tamulionyte-Lentz , Published by Butterworth Heinemann

            June 2003-Presentation on Costa Rica Micro Enterprise training at the International

                        Council of Small Business 48th World Conference in Belfast, Ireland

            June 2004-Presentation at International Council of Small Business 49th World

                        Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa “Ghana Micro-Credit Program Case


            June 2004-Presentation at International Council of Small Business 49th World

                        Conference in             Johannesburg, South Africa “Entrepreneurial traits of

                        undergraduate commerce students: an international comparison” co-authors S.

                        van Eeden, I. Matser, D. Venter

            2004- “Student Travel Behavior: A Cross-National Study” Volume 17, Number 4, Journal

                        of Travel and Tourism, co-authors Aviv Shoham and Shelley van Eeden

            August 2004- Presentation on UNI CBA China project at the Annual BIE Conference in

                        New Orleans, Louisiana

            June 2007- presented at the International Council of Small Business 52nd World

                        Conference in Turku, Finland- “JSS Business Education Program in Ghana”

            March 2008- Presentation at NASBITE annual conference on developing a global trade

                        Education program using UNI as the model

            April 2009- presented at the NASBITE annual conference in San Diego on best

                        practices for a course in global trade from the university perspective

            October 2009- IATTO annual Conference presentation in Cannes, France “Global

                         Networking: innovation’s impact on business relations”

            November 2009- two books, Child of Ghana and Child of Nicaragua

            April 2010- presented twice at the NASBITE annual conference in Austin, Texas on the

                        Program Accreditation and Trainer Certification project

            May 2010- book, Child of China

            August 2010- Child of Kenya

            December 2010  author of the chapter on Problem Solving. In Huiping, Tan (Ed.), Self-

            study for International Business (pp. 18). Dalian, China: Dalian Nationalities University.

            February 2011- Presented at half-day session at University of Iowa on Certified Global

                        Business Professional Program

            April 2011- presented twice at the NASBITE annual conference in Charleston, SC

            April 2012- presented twice at the NASBITE annual conference in Portland, OR on

                        Supply Chain Management and CGBP test preparation

September 2012 Virtual learning projects via video conferences. Presented at Annual Meeting. Tallinn, Estonia: International Association of Trade Training Organizations.

            August 2012- MBA conference presentation on “Being Globally Competent” at EAFIT

                        University in Medellin, Colombia

            October 4, 2012- University of Northern Iowa Webinar “Being Globally Competent”

December 2102 Farrington, S.M.,Venter, D.J.L., Schrage, C.R., and Van der Meer, P. (Dec 2012). Entrepreneurial Attributes of Undergatduate Business Students: A Three Country Comparison Revisited. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 15(4), 333-351.

            January 2013. Operations Stimulus Case-International Medical Corps. Denver, CO:

            Denver Transportation Group.  Used for the 18 team competition case

            April 1, 2013- Export University hosted by US Export Assistance in Des Moines, IA-

                        Presented “International Marketing Planning, Strategy, and Resourses”

            April 2013- presented at the NASBITE International conference in Albuqurque, NM on

                        “Being Globally Competent”




Six Country comparative study on Entrepreneurial Traits in college students.

Case study on 6 generation ceramic business in Nicaragua




·         Parkersburg Depot Park Board

·         Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society

·         Mu Kappa Tau, National Marketing Honor Society

·         Beta Gamma Sigma, National Business Honor Society

·         American Legion Auxiliary Lifetime Member

·         Dobro Slovo National Honor Society

·         Board Member of Self-Help International, 2003 to 2005

·         Certified Global Business Professional, NASBITE International June 2006

·         NASBITE International member 2007 to present

·         NASBITE International Chair of the Accreditation Committee 2010 t0 2013

·         Certified CGBP Trainer, NASBITE International April 2011 to present

·         International Traders of Iowa 2012 to present

·         International Traders of Iowa Board member, 2013





·         1976/77 Student Government President- Hawkeye Institute of Technology

·         1979 Outstanding Alumni, All-Ag Club, Hawkeye Institute of Technology

·         1988-93 Advisory Council Member- Hawkeye Institute of Technology Animal Science Program

·         1991 Parkersburg Citizen of the Year

·         1991 Iowa Community Betterment Leadership Award

·         1991 Iowa Community Betterment Program Judge

·         1989-1992 Steering committee for Minority and Women Business Expo

·         1992 Iowa Volunteerism Award

·         1992-1995 Small Business Advisory Council Member for IDED

·         1995 Omicron Delta Kappa Vice President of Leadership 95/96

·         Iowa District Two-A Judicial Commission, 1992-1998

·         2001 Iowa Community Betterment Leadership Award

·         2008 Honored by 3rd Iowa District of the American Legion for “tireless effort” after the May 25, 2008 Tornado in Parkersburg

·         2009 Certificate of Appreciation for contribution of internationalization efforts by the UNI International Programs and Services Advisory Council

·         2013 Denver Transportation Club, Operation Stimulus, Educator of the Year

·         2013 Student Ambassador Association, Apple Polisher Award

·         2013 NASBITE International Advancing International Trade Award in Iowa




·         Advisor for the International Club of Business Students since 1999

o   Coached NIBS Case Analysis Competition teams in championship rounds 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

o   Coached Manitoba International Marketing Competition teams 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

o   Coordinated field trips for organization to visit companies involved in international operations in various metropolitan areas; two per year

·         Intern Coordinator for UNI/FAW exchange program 2004 to 2006

·         Organizer for Heritage Run tractor ride fundraiser for the community of Parkersburg 2005 and 2007

·         Organized effort for Cemetery Directory in community of Parkersburg 1998/9

o   Raised $15,000 for project

o   Designed paper directory and physical directory site

o   Maintain information for the directory prior to Memorial Day each year

·         Founder and developer of Parkersburg Depot Park in 1991

o   Moved Depot

o   Coordinated volunteers

o   Raised funds

o   Worked with landscaping and improvements for 10 years

·         Archivist for local Military records since 2000

o   Over 500 profiles assembled

o   Updates and additions made continuously

o   Records date back through World War I

·         Since 1998, decorate military graves each Memorial Day with crosses and flags at two cemeteries in Parkersburg.  Maintain spreadsheet of all known veteran graves as well.

·         2006/7 UNI Taskforce assessing International Programs organized by the Provost office

·         2008 International Programs Networking Faculty Group

·         2007 to present, Advisor for Muchas Manos Light Work, UNI Service organization

·         2000 to the present- UNI Commencement Marshall at least once per year

·         Organized and ran the food service around the clock for several days immediately after the May 25, 2008 tornado in Parkersburg.

·         2008/2009 Diversity task force for Foundations of Excellence assessment

·         2008/2009 member of NASBITE accreditation task force

·         2009 to the 2013- chair of NASBITE’s accreditation committee

·         2013 Led efforts to fund and plant 2000 Oak trees in Parkersburg, still recovering from the 2008 tornado



·         1996/7 Orphanage for Disabled Children in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

·         1997 3 week training on Marketing for 16 executives.

·         2000 house construction project in Honduras

·         2001 lead team of students to Honduras to build homes

·         2001 team project in Nicaragua

·         2002 volunteer work for the Office of the Condition of women in Belen, Costa Rica which included a Micro-Enterprise Development Course

·         2003 lead team of students to Nicaragua on service project

·         2004 carried out training and development of micro-credit program for Self-Help Ghana.

·         2005 Ghana-

o   training manual developed for Self-Help Ghana

o   developed business viability models for Self-Help Ghana

o   Business Education Project developed and launched in Kopeyia

o   Informational meetings on micro-finance held

o   Self Help Ghana staff development

o   “Working together for Business Development” manual for Kopeyia’s business development group

·         2006

o   Ghana

1.    March led training sessions for the Business Education project and prepared the building constructed from personal funding for the ‘Mini-store” project.

2.    One student from UNI along to assist and learn.

3.    July- opened the education facility “mini-store” with three weeks of training staff and faculty

4.    Helped structure three women’s groups for future Micro-Credit accessibility

o   Nicaragua

1.    Led team of students in May

2.    Completed building service projects in the community of Siares

3.    Donated educational materials to volunteer groups

·         2007

o   Ghana

1.    Training sessions with women’s groups in Kopeyia

2.    Held develop meetings with the community chief and key leaders for future business development projects and grant applications

3.    Continued training and development work of the JSS Business Education project

4.    Three UNI students had a cultural immersion on the trip.

o   Nicaragua

1.    Led team of students in May

2.    Completed building service projects in the community of Siares

3.    Donated educational materials to volunteer groups

4.    Donated the money to finish a room at the Guadalupe Community Center to serve as a library.

5.    Returned in August to meet with community leaders to plan service project for May 2008

6.    More donations of teaching materials and books

·         2008

o   Ghana

1.    Guided the official organization of a sewing coop by helping with the constitution, development of business activities, and $200 seed capital

2.    Composed two grant applications for two separate entities.  This included researching the base information, discussions on goals and strategy assessment. 

3.    Five students had a cultural immersion during that week.

4.    More training and development at the Mini-Store.

5.    Computer skill training and assemblies at the school.

o   Nicaragua

1.    Led team of students in May

2.    Team participated in re-forestry project by planting 650 trees on a mountain that had been “slashed and burned” previously.

3.    Had made and donated 100 school bags for children.

4.    Team helped teach English

5.    Group did some educational activities with children.

6.    Had one student stay for 10 weeks to teach English

7.    In late July, returned to Siares to meet with group and have a graduation ceremony for the English class participants. 

8.    More donations of books and teaching materials.

·         2009

o   Nicaragua

1.    Led team of students in May

2.    Renovated a building to become school library.

3.    Personally donated $2500 for materials and resources.

4.    Made and donated 40 school bags for children.

5.    Group did some educational activities with children.

6.    Had one student stay for 10 weeks to teach English and Business training

7.    August, returned to Siares to meet with group and have a graduation ceremonies for the English class and business training participants. 

8.    More donations of books and teaching materials

·         2010

o   Kenya

1.    Taught approximately 200 women in SACCO credit organization about group development and constitutions as well as basic record-keeping

o   Nicaragua

1.    Provided materials for the painting of a church and school kitchen in Siares, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

2.    Financed security gates for kitchen windows and door.

3.    Donations for Ruben Dario School library materials and furnishings.

4.    Financed the part-time instructor for computer training to students.

5.    Raising funds to bring a student to the UNI CIEP program in spring 2011.

o   Ghana

1.    Scholarships for 3 youth in Secondary School

2.    Scholarship for one university student

·         2011

o   Nicaragua

1.    Provided materials to construct food storage facility at the Ruben Dario School

2.    Funds for community center area on land of Angela Kuan

3.    Hosted and assisted in financing Larry Gomez for CIEP program

4.    Books for and teacher desks in La Suana school

5.    Books and more shelving for Ruben Dario School

6.    Provided university scholarships personally.

7.    Assisted in fundraising for nine scholarships.

8.    Financed part-time instructor for computer training.

9.    Led student team in May

·         2012

o   Nicaragua

1.    Funds for construction materials for LWW building to purify water

2.    Funding for travel for another student to come to UNI CIEP for English language training

3.    Paint for Storage and Water buildings at Siares school

4.    Raised funds for purchasing 4 sewing machines to begin sewing training in the area. 

5.    Gathered physical donations for sewing program and school handcrafts.

6.    Continued funding and certificates for computer training programs.

7.    Led student team in May and December/January.

·         2013

o   Ghana

1.    Provided tuition funding for young male student in private high school

o   Nicaragua

1.    Raised funds for computers for Ruben Daria School # 2 in Siares, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

2.    Tile put into the new water purification facility in Siares

3.    More sewing machines for a third community in the ASODECOMAT 7 community organization

4.    Dental Hygiene programs developed with toothbrushes donated

5.    Table for preschool in Siares

6.    Table for LWW purification facility

7.    Gathering baseball gloves and equipment for La Garita and Siares communities

8.    Made and donated a quilt to raffle for university scholarships in the Matagalpa region.

9.    Leading student team in May. 




      Wartburg College

            Organizational Management, Organizational Behavior, International

            Management, Global Marketing

University of Northern Iowa

            Organizational Management, Principles of Marketing, Organizational Behavior,

            Seminar in International Business, Operations Management, Globalization’s

            Impact on Central America, Ghana Culture, Socio-Economic Reality of Central

            America, Global Trade Management, Global Marketing, Hong Kong MBA

            Capstone, Global Skills Capstone course in China, Various Independent Studies

            regarding International Experiences, and Global Trade Practices

            Co-teaching: College Writing and Research with English Instructor

EAFIT University, Medillin, Colombia

            MBA Marketing Management



o   Development of China opportunities for faculty development

o   Coordination of the UNI/FAW internship exchange

o   Curriculum development from global perspective including the initial work to advance the International Business Minor for both Business and non-Business Majors

o   Working with language department on the Chinese language program

o   Coordinate the International internship program in NE China (Dalian)

o   Seek out and assess potential internship or practicum opportunities in various international sites

o   Development of Global Trade Practices Program and promotion of Certified Global Business Professional program (13 students certified since 2007)

o   Outreach programs

·         JETRO conference, November 4, 2007

·         Global Issues conference, November 13, 2008

o   Faculty development for international training

·         1 sent in 2007, 3 in 2008

o   BIE annual Director’s meeting

o   NASBITE meeting presentation, March 2008 and April 2009

o   Development of Study Tour to China in June 2009

·         Acquired LAC capstone status for course

o   Work with English Department to develop and co-teach the liberal arts course offering College Reading and Writing, now College Writing and Research with a global focus

·         4 sections – fall 2007

·         3 sections – spring 2008

·         3 sections – fall 2008

·         2 sections – spring 2009

·         3 sections- fall 2009

·         3 sections- spring 2010

·         2 sections- fall 2010

·         2 sections- spring 2011

·         2 sections- fall 2011

·         2 sections- spring 2012

·         2 sections- fall 2012

·         1 section- fall 2012

o   All grant reporting

o   Work with Study Abroad office to advise CBA students on international experiences

o   Presented to all five sections of the Freshmen CBA orientation class concerning International Opportunities- fall 2008, one section spring 2009.

o   Assist the Assistant Dean with assessment of international opportunities or programs



·         Project leader for application process

·         Funded July 1, 2009 for 4 years.

·         U.S. Program leader

o   Grant work

o   Travel to consortium

o   Facilitate partnership with Hawkeye Community College and Kirkwood Community College in Iowa

o   Facilitate partnership with Brazilian universities- Universidade de Brasilia and Universidade Federal de Goias

·         Webpage development and maintenance

·         Facilitation of faculty and student exchanges

·         Development of Faculty Research Facilitation webpage

·         Grant reports

·         Development of Portuguese language course for students and professionals


Current Activities and Responsibilities

·         Instructor for Global Marketing and Global Trade Practices

·         Instructor/facilitator for the HKMBA Capstone Simulation

·         Co-Instructor for sections of College Writing and Research

·         Advisor for International Club of Business Students

·         Advisor for Muchas Manos Light Work

·         Advisor for Supply Chain Management Association

·         Coordinator for International Internships

·         Grant Director for FIPSE/CAPES grant

·         Webmaster for Fipse-Brazil site

·         Webmaster for Global Research Facilitation site

·         Coordination of Blog pages for Brazil and China programs

·         Coordinator of Cost Neutral Programs

·         Coordinator for Fly Free Programs

·         Leader and Instructor for Socio-Economic Reality of Central America Capstone short course in Nicaragua each May and December

·         Leader and Instructor for Global Skills Capstone short course in China each June that includes participants from other countries- 2009 to 2012

·         Assessing curriculum at partner schools for course transferability

·         Developing contacts for potential collaboration in various international regions

·         Coach team for Supply Chain Competition –Operation Stimulus in January/February

·         Coordinator for the International Business Minor

·         Facilitator/Organizer- Global Trade Issues Conference in October

·         Faculty Advisor UNI Hardwoods-International Medical Corps projects and fundraising.