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Nyte is a level 58 immortal on Stick in the Mud. SitM opened on February 21st, 1994, which makes us over 15 years old! We're a friendly mud with players from around the world, so stop by, relax, and have some fun adventuring in Thera. Wonder where all those SitM Players come from? Check out the Login Map!

SitM has 50 mortal levels with an option of being an immortal or choosing superclass upon reaching level 51. SitM is not a pkill mud. We are ROM based with a great deal of original SitM code. The players are friendly and helpful. Today some of them are the children of original players, which makes us multigenerational. We are not heavy on rollplay but do not discourage it. If you would like to know more about SitM visit us or check out one of the following pages: tiki dolls are hidden all over the islands, start your adventure now at icon courtesy makena.There


Not exactly a game, more than a chat. It's There. I'm a clothing and 3-D developer for There, the host of the monthly Developer Showcase, avid quester and quest writer and an Island Guide.

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I have made a few attempts at Machinima but I'm still a beginner.

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