Student Response System

A Student Response System is a combination of software and hardware that allows students to deliever almost instantaneous feedback to their instructor. They are also know as Personal Response Systems (PRS), Audience Response Systems (ARS), or simply "clickers".

Among the many applications Student Response Systems are currently being used to:

  • Gather immediate student feedback and opinion
  • Track attendance and participation
  • Assess student learning

Why would you want to use a Student Response System in your classroom?

To answer this question (as well as many others), please refer to the articles in our resources page.

Which Student Response System is supported by the University of Northern Iowa?  Testing of three brands of Audience Response Systems was carried out by an informal committee consisting of representatives from the College of Education, College of Business, College of Natural Sciences, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Information Technology Services, as well as others.

Because each manufacturer's Response system is proprietary and is not compatible with other Manufacturer’s systems, it was decided by the committee that it would be in the best interest of the university to standardize on one Audience Response System that the University of Northern Iowa would officially support.  By standardizing on one system instructors would only need to learn to use a single system, technicians would only need to learn to support one system, and students would only need to purchase a single keypad, eliminating the need to purchase a different keypad for every class that used a different manufacturer’s response system.

Testing was conducted on the following response systems: The Reply System from Audience Response Systems, Inc., the Qwizdom Q4 from Qwizdom Inc., and Turning Point from Turning Technologies, LLC.

Each system was tested by both instructors and students during actual classes.  Strengths and weaknesses of each system as well as “likes” and “dislikes” from participating instructors and students were noted and presented during committee meetings.  Criteria such as ease of use (for both the instructor and the student), ease of hardware and software setup, and overall functionality were evaluated for each system.  In the end, it was decided by the committee that Turning Technologies’ Turning Point offered the best all around performance in the above mentioned criteria, and would be the officially supported response system for the University of Northern Iowa.

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