What type of content do I need to create?

This article explains the different content types available to departmental editors on the ITS website.

Landing Pages

There is the potential for two separate landing pages for a service on the ITS website:

  1. A technical support landing page
  2. A service landing page

Technical Support

A technical support landing page is created automatically under www.uni.edu/its/support when the first piece of content is tagged with a specific term.

For example, an email landing page was created for "email" at www.uni.edu/its/support/email when the first email support article was saved.

These landing pages are populated with the following:

Example landing page

  1. A general description about the service. This is pulled from the term's Service Listing teaser, or for child terms, the term description, which may be added through a request form.
  2. Support articles that are tagged with that term. These support articles are sorted alphabetically.
  3. Any child terms where vistors can navigate deeper through the support area.
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