Google Calendar FAQs

Questions about the Google Calendar.

Q: I have other calendars (rooms, resources, etc.) that I need to create, how can I do this?

Departmental resources will be maintained by the department and are not maintained centrally. 

The resources (meeting rooms, etc.) are setup as a separate calendar (i.e. the room calendar) and when you invite the (room) to the meeting you have to invite the rather long calendar ID found by looking at the resource's settings to the right of "Calendar Address:".  Critical components are that you need to only give edit rights to only those individuals actually maintaining the calendar settings plus select setting of "Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict."

This process is detailed at:

Resources can be setup and maintained using individual accounts or using a departmental Google account if  one exists.

With Google Calendar, users have the ability to create multiple calendars.  This makes creating additional calendars such as resource calendars very easy.  Follow this link to see how:

Q: My colleagues can't see my Google calendar, how can I give someone access?

The default before April 26, 2012 was that your calendar was not shared, since this date the default was changed so all in the UNI domain could see UNI calendars but with only showing busy times not details.  You are the only one who can share your calendar and change the view and access your calendar for others. For instructions on viewing your current settings and sharing your calendar with others go here ->

Q: Can I use groups with Google calendar?

Yes, you can use your own defined groups plus the UNI automated groups (lists) to invite attendees to meeting.  For information on UNI groups see ->

Q: Can I setup an appointment calendar for others to schedule time with me?

You can have set time allocations where you can meet with people without making your entire calendar public or available for scheduling.

To do this, use the capability called Appointments vs. Events.  Appointment slots allow other people to book time on your calendar using available appointment slots you set up. Once you've created some appointment  slots you can offer these slots to others by publishing an appointment calendar on the web.

To learn more click here ->

Q: Can my iPad (and other iOS devices) sync to my Google calendar ?

Yes, to learn more click here ->

Q: Is there a way to print Google Calendar descriptions?

Yes, see ->

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