May Network Migration Detailed Information

We’re implementing a new network design at UNI to increase performance, improve reliability, and strengthen security. When Baker Hall is demolished the original UNI fiber optic network will be demolished.  In preparation for this event ITS has built a new low signal loss high speed fiber optic network. Moving to this new fiber network will allow many other changes to occur.  In concert with migrating campus network equipment to a new physical network we will also be implementing needed logical modifications. The logical traffic routing changes are required to move UNI network distribution into three tiers. This standard three tier approach will result in a more reliable and secure network. It will also alleviate the dependency on highly specialized network switch and routing equipped required in our current logical network design.

This migration has already begun in selected buildings.  In mid-May we will be making changes that impact the entire campus network.  These changes will help lay the foundation for improving the reliability and overall experience of UNI’s network as we continue to make other, behind-the-scenes improvements this summer.

This is a two step-process.  The first change, re-assigning campus IP space, will affect the whole campus and will happen on May 19th. The second change, sub-netting, will happen on a per-building basis during May and June, and you’ll receive an e-mail prior to your building changing.  All of these changes are being coordinated with local technical staff.

We’ve been meeting regularly with the technical support groups on campus to prepare for this change and make the transition as smooth as possible for you.  The vast majority of people should not notice any change when they come to work on Monday, May 21st.   However, a few computers and printers may need to be rebooted before they can access the network again.  In the rare cases where a reboot does not solve the problem, your technical support staff will be able to assist with any other issues.

If you have any special devices other than computers, such as lab or other specialized equipment that connects into the network, you will need to work with your support staff to resolve any issues.  Letting them know ahead of time about these devices will ensure a quicker recovery time.  Additionally, if you do your own IT work on campus, your support staff will be able to give you more information about what you need to do in order to prepare for this upcoming change.

Three of the buildings on campus - Sabin, Latham, and Physics - have already gone through transition easily and with positive results.  With the help of the support staff, very few issues emerged and computer users have reported their machines working more quickly after the change.

More Technical Details

Schedule For Subnet Changes

Remote Access in a New Subnet

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