Tags for Frames

Frame document. <frameset> </frameset>   Instead of <body>.

Row heights. <frameset rows=,,,> </frameset>   In pixels or %.

Row heights. <frameset rows=*> </frameset>   *=relative size.

Column widths. <frameset cols=,,,> </frameset>   In pixels or %.

Column widths. <frameset cols=*> </frameset>   *=relative size.

Border width. <frameset border=?>

Borders? <frameset frameborder= yes | no>

Border color. <frameset bordercolor= #$$$$$$>

Define frame. <frame>   Contents of an individual frame.

Display document. <frame src=URL>

Frame name. <frame name=*** | _blank | _self | _parent | _top>

Margin width. <frame marginwidth=?>   Left and right margins.

Margin hieght. <frame marginheight=?>   Top and bottom margins.

Scrollbar? <frame scrolling= yes | no | auto>

Not resizable. <frame noresize>

Unframed content. <noframes> </noframes>   Displayed by non-frame capable browsers.

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