Establishment of IETTI
        The Iowa Educational Technology and Training Institute (IETTI) was established by a $250,000 appropriation of the Iowa legislature in 1995. The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) was charged with taking the leadership role for the IETTI in planning, coordinating, delivering and evaluating educational technology training across the state of Iowa. Beginning efforts by the IETTI included numerous workshops to instruct first time users of the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) and beginning users of educational technology in the classroom. 

        The IETTI functions as the umbrella for many of the educational technology and training efforts of the Information Technology Services - Educational Technology (ITS-ET) department at UNI. Some of the past projects coordinated by IETTI staff include: a Technology Survey of Iowa PreK-12 teachers to determine the need for and use of technology and technology training; the Iowa/U S WEST Teacher Technology Project in which 400 PreK-12 teachers received laptops and 4,400 PreK-12 teachers received technology training; the UNILinks project which was an Internet organizing service for middle school science teachers; the Visions program designed for PreK-12 Administrators to develop a technology vision for their school; and the 21st Century Learning Infrastructure project designed to take Iowa into the future with digital learning and life-long education. 

        Depending on the program, IETTI partners with many different educators and educational institutions around Iowa. Trainers come from all areas of the state and are utilized as the training needs and location are determined as each specific request is received. The Iowa Department of Education, the AEA's, Iowa Public Television (IPTV), public and private institutions of higher education, school districts, and businesses have all partnered with the IETTI over the past several years. 

        The IETTI continues today with many programs under its umbrella. The Showcase on Educational Technology program which highlights exemplary uses of educational technology in the PreK-12 classroom, the WebCT Institute which is a state-wide entity designed to deliver and coordinate WebCT offerings, and the ongoing educational technology and ICN workshops are all examples of current day IETTI programs.

IETTI = Iowa Educational Technology and Training Institute at the University of Northern Iowa

Questions about the IETTI:  Doreen Hayek, Projects Administrator; (319) 273-7300; email:

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