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Dr. Joyce Chen, Associate Professor
Dept. of Communication Studies

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Fall 2007 Class Meeting Time:
48E:003:01 Introduction to Electronic Production 9:30-10:45 am TTh
48E:121g:01 Electronic Media and Culture 12:30-1:45pm TTh
48E:224:01 Mass Communication Theory 5:30-8:20pm W

Courses Taught in Previous Semesters
[IMAGE]48E:161g Communication Technologies Spring 2005

[IMAGE]48E:112 Multimedia Production Spring 2007

[IMAGE]48E:222:06 Seminar: Communication-Mediated Communication Spring 2004

[IMAGE]48E:139g Electronic Media Industries: Computer-Mediated Communication Fall 2003

[IMAGE]48E:123g:04 Television Form, Content, and Criticism: Music Video Fall 2003

[IMAGE]CMMU 3650 Mass Communication & Society Fall 2002
(The International College at Beijing, the University of Colorado at Denver)

[IMAGE]48C:001 Oral Communication Summer 2002

[IMAGE]48E:003 Introduction to Electronic Production, Spring 2002 

[IMAGE]48E:013/113Video Production/Practicum: UNI-TV, Spring 2001

[IMAGE]48E:121g Electronic Media & Culture, Fall 2001

[IMAGE]48E:136 Electronic Media Sales & Promotion, Fall 2004

[IMAGE]48E:138g Broadcast & Cable Programming, Spring 2002

[IMAGE]48E:139g Electronic Media Industries: Advertising Fall 2001  

[IMAGE]48E:163g Telecommunication and Information, Spring 1998

[IMAGE]48E:285 Readings in Mass Communication

[IMAGE]48C:286:04 Studies in Communication Research methodologies: Quantitative,
Fall 2000

[IMAGE]48C:286:05 Studies in Communication Research methodologies: Qualitative,
Spring 2001