Colleges and Departments

College of Education

The College of Education anchors the UNI Teacher Education program, which prepares more teachers for Iowa than any other. One in ten undergraduates are elementary education majors. But we offer even more, with nearly one-third of our students majoring in health and human services majors.

In addition to hundreds of future teachers, our graduates include health professionals and specialists in fields like fitness, coaching, athletic training, public health, recreation, tourism and nonprofit leadership. Student-centered faculty share a common commitment across these diverse programs for quality engagement in the classroom, in the field and in labs. COE graduates are well prepared for classrooms and organizations around the state, nation and the world.


When it comes to teaching tomorrow’s business leaders, no one prepares students better than UNIBusiness. Our nationally recognized program is led by dedicated faculty focused on student success in the classroom and after graduation.

Through hands-on learning opportunities and specialized programs, UNIBusiness graduates are equipped with the essential business knowledge and professional skills necessary for success in the global marketplace. We also offer opportunities for enhanced personal growth and expanded leadership including internships, professional development and certification programs, involvement in student organizations and community service, and various options and scholarships for studying abroad. 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Welcome to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, where we promote an understanding of how individuals, societies and cultures contribute to human development.

The college has earned accolades for its diverse programs, some of which include gerontology, criminology, fashion and interior design, sociology, psychology, political science and more.  The majors in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences combine the critical thinking skills of a liberal arts education with the problem-solving skills necessary to address the real-world challenges that are confronted by individuals, communities and organizations. A major in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences opens the door to careers that tackle today's problems.

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

The College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences (CHAS) offers countless opportunities to get lost, find yourself and ultimately grow as an individual. CHAS consists of fourteen different departments, all of which are exciting, diverse and waiting for students just like you.

Participating in research, study abroad and internships is a key part of an education in CHAS. We also have a variety of student organizations to enhance your college experience and give you a way to easily become involved. Our science majors have the chance to work with faculty members on cutting-edge research. Each year, more than 100 students are involved in exciting and important research projects such as finding cancer-fighting properties in plants, developing new cyber-defense practices and advancing new ideas in fuel-cell technologies. Humanities majors work closely with faculty to conduct research in languages, communication and philosophy that is then presented at conferences or published in academic journals. Majors in the arts, under the mentorship of faculty, have had their work featured in a variety of exhibits and performances across the state and nation. They are always looking for new ways to express themselves and create waves in the world.

Graduate College

Committed to excellence in graduate education, UNI offers more than 50 diverse programs leading to advanced degrees in business, education, the natural sciences, humanities and fine arts, and the social and behavioral sciences. In addition, the Graduate College features  doctorate degrees in education and industrial technology.

UNI graduate students enjoy all that a large university offers – an array of programs, technology and learning opportunities – set in the friendly atmosphere of a small college with accessible, caring professors. UNI graduate students are changing Iowa and the world through internships, community service and advanced knowledge in their chosen fields.

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