Pre-Professional Preparation

Pre-professional programs are undergraduate tracks designed to prepare you for a professional degree after earning your bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Iowa.

Pre-professional preparation is not a traditional major, it’s pre-determined roadmap tailored for specific careers in the fields of health, engineering or law. Your advisor will guide you through planning, course selection, student organization involvement and admissions requirements to increase your chances of being admitted to your professional program of choice.

Pre-Professional Tracks

Pre-Professional at the University of Northern Iowa

A pre-professional track will give you the foundation to continue your education successfully. University of Northern Iowa advisors will:

  • Recommend majors, minors and courses that will prepare you for entry into professional programs in law, health and engineering.
  • Suggest ways to develop your writing and critical thinking skills to prepare for various entrance exams, like the LSAT or MCAT.
  • Introduce you to active learning opportunities and student organizations that can further enhance your resume.