Discovery Awaits


Undergraduate Research

UNI student poses in front of her undergraduate research project

Discovery Awaits

Our style of learning isn’t always at the desk. It’s out in the field, in the lab or in a business boardroom. Panthers are driven by their passion to reshape, transform and reinvent what we know. Our job is to give you the tools to do just that.

Through unique undergraduate research experiences, our students have the chance to take charge of their own education. When you get involved in research, you’ll build your resume, develop practical skills that set you apart from the crowd, and have the chance to publish your work for the world to see. Unlike larger universities, we don’t save these experiences exclusively for graduate students. We encourage discovery and exploration every step of the way.


Research Resources

INSPIRE Student Research & Engagement

We annually host the INSPIRE Conference, which is dedicated to showcasing the wide range of research work by students occurring across our campus. 

Scholars From the Past

The UNI Scholarworks platform catalogs and collects the scholarship that occurs on our campus. You can search past work and one day upload your own contributions.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Every year, UNI funds hundreds of hours of research conducted by students and faculty in the summer months. It's an opportunity unparalleled in our region.