The path to becoming an optometrist.

An optometrist is the first person you to go when experiencing vision problems. UNI offers a strong pre-optometry track that enables students to complete their prerequisite coursework, earn a bachelor's degree, and obtain assistance with the optometry school preparation and application process.

It is important to keep in mind that the pre-optometry track is not an academic major; rather, it’s a suggested program of study that prepares students to apply to professional school upon completing their undergraduate degree. Pre-optometry students may choose a major in any area.

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Admission Rates

From 2018 to 2020, 100 percent of UNI students applying to optometry programs were admitted.

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Industry Partnerships

Support of Cedar Valley Eye Care professionals in assisting students with job shadowing and employment opportunities in the field.

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Optometry School

UNI can help you apply to one of the 23 optometry schools and colleges in the U.S.

Preparing for Optometry School

According to the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry, optometry schools are looking for well-rounded candidates who have achieved not only in the classroom but also in other areas. Leadership ability, a disposition to serve others, and a work ethic characterized by dedication and persistence are just a few of the qualities that impress most admission committees.

Students pursuing a pre-optometry emphasis at UNI are supported through collaborative advising with popular optometry schools. Beginning their first year, students will be enrolled in courses appropriate for admission to optometry school and receive regular guidance on coursework, GPA and timely information pertaining to optometry programs. 

Common Pre-Optometry Majors