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What's new in FX-Net!

What is FX-Net?

FX-Net Layout and Basics

Menu Bar
Tool Bar

Primary Window

Side Windows
FX-Net Client Update Utility (FCU)

FX-Net Basic Controls

Tooltips/Menus/Dialog Boxes
Status Bar

Export (saving) of Images
Printing of Images
Setting FX-Net Preferences
FX-Net Time Matching

FX-Net Graphic Controls

Zoom in/out
Loop Properties Control Panel
Overlaying data sets

Hiding unwanted images

Line contour color editing
Line contour thickness editing
Individual line contour density editing

Editing Baselines and Points


Text Browser - Text Data

Volume Browser - Model Data

Model Families
Volume Browser

Loading Model Contour Data
Loading Model Image Data


Fields and Planes

Plan View

Cross Sections

Time Height Charts
Model Soundings

Surface (Obs) Data in FX-Net

NCEP/Hydro Data in FX-Net

Upper Air Data in FX-Net

Satellite Data in FX-Net

Radar Data in FX-Net

Regular View Mode
Radar Chooser Mode

Maps in FX-Net

Map/Product Legends

Creating and Using Procedures

The FX-Net Color Map Editor

Upper/Lower Color Sections
The Color Bar

Edit Controls

Saving Edits: Color Tables

The FX-Net User Manual is a collaborative effort between

The STORM Project Forecast Systems Laboratory
FX-Net Users Manual written and designed by Patrick O'Reilly - The STORM Project at UNI
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Updated June 28, 2006