England: University of Chichester

‌The University of Chichester is internationally recognized as a beacon of good practice for high quality, student-centered higher education within a supportive community of learning.

International students play a significant part in life at the University of Chichester. Located on England's south coast, Chichester offers a welcoming, safe, and accessible environment for students. The UK and particularly Chichester is a diverse and friendly place that is home to several thousand international students each year.

Dates & Deadlines

Term: Spring 2025
App Deadline: Tuesday, October 1, 2024
Program Dates: Monday, February 10 - Friday, May 23, 2025 (dates subject to change)

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The Cathedral city of Chichester, with its blend of over two thousand years of history offers a stunning backdrop to a city filled with historical and cultural delights, shopping, and over 100 places to eat. Chichester has ten miles of beautiful coastline which provides a great environment for water sports, walkers, and cyclists. As of the 2011 Census, the population was estimated at about 114,000. The city center has great shopping with a mix of famous High Street stores and high quality independent clothes and shoe shops. Chichester lies between two areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty - the South Downs and Chichester Harbor - as well as other nature reserves, stunning beaches and dramatic coastline to the south.

Study abroad students coming to Chichester can choose any combination of modules from the courses listed as long as courses don't run simultaneously. Students can only choose from modules of their designated course. You must make sure your university approves your module selection and will transfer credit back to your degree course. The modules are listed under each subject. You can view modules offered on Chichester's module guide. You can choose 4 modules per semester from the courses below:

  • Business Studies
  • English and Creative Writing
  • Media Studies,
  • History
  • Theology and Religion
  • Dance
  • Psychology
  • Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Sport Development and Management
  • Fine Art
  • Charity Development
  • Music

Please note:
L4: This is a 1st year module of our 3 year degree program (equal to a 2nd year of a 4 year degree structure).
L5: This is a 2nd year module of our 3 year degree program (equal to a 3rd year of a 4 year degree structure).
6: This is a 3rd year module of our 3 year degree program (equal to a 4th year of a 4 year degree structure).

Credit Equivalents/Grade Conversion:

Uses ECTS credits
15 = 7.5 ECTS = 3.8 sem hrs

70+       = A
65-69    = A-
61-64    = B+
58-60    = B
55-57    = B-
52-54    = C+
49-51    = C
45-48    = C-
40-44    = D
25-39    = D-
<38       = No transfer

Level of Courses:
Level 4 = lower level
Levels 5 & 6 = upper level
Levels 7 & 8 = postgraduate levels

Program Costs

Estimated Program Cost: $15,794* per semester

*estimated total cost of participation, actual amount depends on type of housing accommodation selected, actual airfare purchase price, personal spending habits, and other factors


Estimated Total Program Cost$15,794
Estimated U-bill Charges$5,442
Estimated Out-of-Pocket Costs$10,352


Fall 2024 Estimated Budget Sheets (PDF)

Spring 2024 Estimated Budget Sheets (PDF)

Cost of Studying On Campus at UNI*

*per semester, estimated, will vary per person

Tuition & Fees$4,864
Room & Board$4,580
Personal Expenses$878

Source: https://admissions.uni.edu/cost-aid

‌Eligibility Requirements to Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Center reserves the right to determine participants' eligibility to study abroad. Students must have a completed study abroad application, including supportive recommendation form(s). Additionally, students must meet all of the following in order to be eligible to study abroad:

  • Have a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher at the time of application and maintain this cumulative GPA prior to departure and throughout the study abroad process
  • If your cumulative GPA is lower than 2.5, submit the following to the Study Abroad Center (103 East Bartlett):
    • Letters of reference from two academic contacts (e.g. academic advisor and former or current professor) supporting your pursuit of study abroad. If you are attending a faculty-led study abroad program, one of the letters must be from a course leader. However, if the program has two course leaders, only one of the letters can be from one of the course leaders.
  • Must be over the age of 18 years old
  • Must meet the course prerequisites (participation in the program is dependent upon meeting these)
  • Must be in good standing with the university
  • UNI's partner institutions may require additional eligibility requirements to be met, these vary from institution to institution. Please consult with the Study Abroad Center staff to discuss these additional requirements, if applicable.
  • Applicants traveling to a region of a country or a country with an overall Travel Advisory Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) or 4 (Do Not Travel) will not be eligible.