UNI Alert

UNI AlertThe UNI Alert System notifies the campus community of emergencies and threats to physical safety in emergency situations: tornado, violence, hazardous material incident, cancelled classes, university closure, etc. Notification is by cell phone, landline phone, e-mail and text-message.

UNI Alert allows UNI administrators to send recorded emergency messages (“UNI Alerts”) to students, faculty and staff by cell phone, landline phone, e-mail, and text-message within minutes.

When a threat or campus emergency is identified, UNI Alert uses contact information from the university’s official directory data (updated via MyUNIverse) to simultaneously send thousands of messages directly to students, faculty, and staff using cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, office phone numbers and e-mail. The entire campus community can be notified in about 20 minutes.

The system automatically includes all current students, faculty, and staff located on campus, based on their presence in the UNI Directory. However, you should make sure the UNI Directory has up-to-date information for you. And if you want to be notified by cell phone, voice, and/or text-message, you'll need to make sure your cell number is included in the UNI Alert database.

Changing your contact information

If you want to change your emergency contact information, log in to MyUNIverse and click on Update my personal information/UNI Alert tab. You're the only person who can update this data. Please review it carefully.

UNI Alert text-message software update

UNI Alert text messages will now come to your cell phone from one of two phone numbers: 23177 or 63079. Please take a moment now to add "UNI Alert" as a contact with those phone numbers in your cell phone address book.