Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Council

Our Mission & Responsibilities

(2-term limit) The Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Council oversees all aspects of the University of Northern Iowa's athletic program. Its primary responsibility is to monitor policies and activities related to the academic quality and integrity of the institution and the welfare of student athletes. It also (a) supports the development and maintenance of a competitive intercollegiate athletic program which reflects favorably upon the university and (b) formulates new policies regarding athletics and student athletes, and (c) supports the Provost, the Vice President for Administration & Finance, and the University Senate on matters regarding athletics and student athletes.

Name: Representing: Term Expires: Term Being Served:
David Surdam CBA 2021 (1)
Lisa Riedle CHAS 2023 (1)
Eugene Wallingford CHAS 2023 (1)
Tim Gilson COE 2022 (1)
Kristin Mack CSBS 2021 (1)
Bill Koch NV 2020 (2)
Elaine Eshbaugh NCAA Faculty Rep. (Chair)    
Chris Larimer Faculty Senate    
Lisa Smith P&S    
Anne Gradoville  SAAC NISG Student    

NOTE: The Athletic Director and the Office of the Registrar are ex officio. See the annual report for a listing of non-faculty committee members.

NCAA Faculty Representative