Guidelines for Faculty-led Program Participants

Pre-Departure Guidelines for Student Participants

  • Consider disclosing to SAC and the course leader information about disabilities, medications or special needs. SAC will work with Student Disability Services if accommodations are being requested.
  • Attend a travel consultation with a health care provider who is certified in travel medicine at least 8-12 weeks prior to program departure.
  • Obtain necessary immunizations as recommended by UNI Student Health Clinic.
  • Visit a health care provider before departure if necessary and obtain sufficient medications and prescriptions for the duration of the program. Consider disclosing to SAC and the course leader information about prescribed medications or disabilities. 

In-Country Guidelines for Student Participants

Safety Protocols

  • Stay with the group for the duration of the program unless special circumstances require you to leave the group.
  • Bring appropriate amount of funds and type of funds to cover incidental expenses in-country.
  • Always carry CISI insurance card (and copies) and keep secure money and documents (i.e. passport).
  • Do not accept rides or other offers from strangers.
  • Do not leave food or beverages unattended.
  • Always carry your own baggage and do not accept offers to carry items on your person or your baggage.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • Practice water safety when swimming or crossing rivers/stream or using modes of water transportation.
  • Do not operate motorized vehicles unless advised by the course leader because of an emergency.
  • Assume responsibility for your own health and safety and practice safe protocols when consuming water or food.
  • Stay informed about host country and avoid political demonstrations or gatherings.
  • Always inform the course leader of your whereabouts and request permission from course leader to separate from group while program is in session.
  • Never travel alone; always adhere to established buddy system.
  • Be familiar with the emergency plan and obey course leader’s instructions in case of emergency.
  • Know emergency meeting locations for each day abroad. 

Communication Protocols

  • Communicate as best possible with family and friends while in-country.
  • Communicate honestly and openly with course leader and SAC.
  • Communicate honestly and completely with U.S. Customs upon re-entry into the U.S. and answer questions about baggage or travels in a truthful manner. 

 Behavior Protocols

  • Respect course leader and comply with all appropriate requests and directives.
  • Respect and comply with host country laws and procedures.
  • Be sensitive to host country culture and practices including appropriate clothing.
  • Represent the UNI in a positive and manner.
  • Be personally responsible for your own conduct and abide by the UNI Student Code of Conduct.
  • Abuse of alcohol and drugs, property damage, assault, disruptive behavior, etc. are subject to the laws of the host country and the UNI student code of conduct.
  • Respect student participants; UNI policy 13.02 (Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct) extends to programs abroad.
  • Support the group and be a team player.
  • Report issues immediately to the course leader. 

Academic Protocols

  • Arrange and pay for transportation to the program start location and from the end location.
  • Participate in all scheduled activities and events of the program, including service learning, unless unable to do so because of illness or other unforeseeable circumstance.
  • Complete all required readings during program and all required written work by the specified deadline.
  • Complete all required documents for successful participation in the program. 

Post Program Guidelines for Student Participants

  • Complete post-program online application component.
  • Attend the debriefing meeting upon return.
  • Fulfill scholarship requirements, if applicable.