Study Abroad Short-term Program Course Leader Reimbursement Guidelines

Faculty members (unit and non-unit) serving as course leaders of short-term programs abroad will be reimbursed for the following expenses pre-authorized by the UNI Study Abroad Center:

  1. Airfare directly related to the program itinerary at the lowest available economy rates, in combination with the lowest available transportation costs to and from the nearest departure airports inclusive of mileage, tolls, parking. Total transportation costs to and from departure airports other than Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, or Des Moines cannot exceed the total transportation costs of departing from those airports. The UNI Study Abroad Center will work with each course leader to determine the most economical airfare option.
  2. Hotel and hostel rooms for course leaders during the dates of the program abroad
    • If the course leader travels in advance of the students, the UNI Study Abroad Center will arrange accommodations for the course leader near the students’ arrival airport abroad for the night prior to the student’s arrival.
      The UNI Study Abroad Center will arrange single room accommodations in the same hotel or hostel as the students for whom the course leader is responsible. If accommodations are not available, the UNI Study Abroad Center will work with the course leader to arrange economical accommodations within walking distance to the students’ accommodations.
    • Lodging will be limited to the single room rate plus applicable taxes.  If accompanied by a spouse, partner, or relative/friend, any additional lodging expenses will be the responsibility of the course leader.
  3. Meal reimbursement rates for course leaders traveling with a study abroad program are explained on Meal Guidelines from UNI Executive Vice President and Provost dated May 22nd, 2014
  4. The UNI Study Abroad Center will work with each course leader to determine the most economical local airport transportation option. Only the following options will be used: 
    • UNI Motor Pool car rental vendor (Enterprise)
      • UNI Motor Pool cars can only be driven to the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids airports. Note that each airport Enterprise office has unique business hours. 
    • Mileage and parking reimbursement.  Maximum of 18 days of parking will be reimbursed if within the programs travel dates. For example: You stay three days longer than the program dates. You still park your car less than 18 days.  The three non-program related days of parking will be your responsibility.
  5. Bridge and road tolls directly related to the program
  6. Ground and sea transportation abroad as a part of the program itinerary (including rental car insurance)
  7. Museums, heritage sites, cultural festivals, and performance entrance fees as arranged by the Study Abroad Center for the group.
  8. Reasonable tips necessitated by program operations (itemized logs are required)
    • Meal service tips not exceeding 15% of meal costs (situations should be limited due to gratuities included in bills – please verify if a gratuity is included before tipping)
    • Transportation tips, only if included in program budget
    • Other categories may be considered for reimbursement upon review
  9. Welcome and Farewell group meals, if pre-approved by the Study Abroad Center
  10. Visas required to enter countries where the program takes place
  11. Reasonable instructional materials, if pre-approved by the Study Abroad Center
  12. Telephone, facsimile charges incurred abroad will be reimbursed only if the purpose is to contact local providers regarding program related matters.  And in case of a program related emergency.  These charges must be within the approved program budget. Expenses above the budget must be pre-approved by the Study Abroad Center.
  13. Internet/modem charges necessitated by program operation (itemized logs and receipts are required), if pre-approved by the Study Abroad Center.

Exceptions NOT to be covered by Study Abroad Center:

  1. Food not following per diem guidelines
  2. Travel documents (i.e. passport)
  3. Local airport transportation other than options listed above
  4. Any travel costs outside of the program itinerary
  5. Any expenses incurred by accompanying spouse, partner, or relative/friend
  6. Child care
  7. Elder care
  8. Pet care
  9. Insurance other than CISI during the program duration
  10. Medical and incidental expenses not covered by CISI
  11. Hotel or hostel in-room movies, athletic facility use, laundry, dry cleaning, pressing, room service (food and beverages), and other personal items are not reimbursable
  12. Personal airplane costs (meals and beverages for purchase, internet, T.V., etc.)
  13. Airfare upgrades
  14. Rental car usage abroad (exceptions will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Study Abroad Center)
  15. Course leaders staying with friends or relatives will not be reimbursed for lodging.

Note on Accompanying Individual:

The Course Leader is responsible for any reservations and payment made on the Accompanying Individual’s behalf, both before, during and after the trip.  The Course Leader must manage and pay the vendor directly for the reservations of the Accompanying Individual.
The Course Leader is responsible for enrolling and paying the Accompanying Individual in CISI insurance, as directed by the Study Abroad Center.

All UNI regulations concerning pro-card use apply.