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Student Information System

Project Management Guiding Principles

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  • Students, faculty and staff should have easy, well supported electronic access to the data and information necessary to perform and manage their university functions.
  • We will maximize our use of new SIS SELF-SERVICE functionality.
  • We will collaboratively develop COMMON student processes and data across the entire institution, while still meeting truly unique needs where they exist.
  • We will work as a ‘SILO-FREE’ TEAM to solve the problems of our students, faculty, staff and institution.
  • We will be an institution that makes ‘DATA BASED’ decisions through the use of “easy to use” management reporting processes and technologies.
  • We will treat information as a strategic asset that is: COMMONLY DEFINED; electronically CAPTURED ONCE at its point of origin; and appropriately SHARED across the entire institution.
  • Given the exceptionally high cost of customization, we will strive to make ZERO changes to the new SIS; we will instead REENGINEER our processes to best make use of the capabilities of the software. Any customizations will require Cabinet-level approval.
  • We will establish DECISION DUE DATES to keep our project on time and on budget. If these due dates are not met, the delayed decision will immediately be escalated and made by executive management. The project will then move on.
  • We expect project participants be responsible to manage project and personal calendars to allow FULL and ACTIVE participation. Neither non-responsiveness nor non-engagement will be viable reasons to hold up the planning process.