Student Information System

Department Secretaries


Setting a Default Term
Removing a Service Indicator (Hold) using Student Services Center
Assigning Student Specific Permission (Consent/Approval for class)
Quick Enrolling a Student
Adding a Student to the Wait List using Quick Enroll
Enrolling a Student from the Wait List
Dropping a Student using Quick Enroll
Viewing Class Rosters and Wait Lists
Registration/Enrollment Error Messages
FAQ - Registration/Enrollment 

Schedule of Classes

Top Ten Tips for Schedulers
FAQ - Schedule of Classes
Viewing the Schedule of Classes
Scheduling New Courses (add courses that did NOT roll forward, but have been offered before)
Maintain Schedule of Classes
(to maintain courses that rolled forward)
Print Schedule of Classes
View & Update Class Sections
(to update information on the Enrollment tab)
Searching for Classes
Waiting List

Academic Advising Resources

Viewing an Advisement Report using Student Services Center
Request Advisement Report using direct navigation in Campus Solutions
Request What If Advisement Report (Run a sample report from a different major) in Campus Solutions
Request Completion Advisement Report (Does not include graded classes)
Anatomy of an Advisement Report


Accessing Campus Solutions
Student Services Center
Viewing Transfer Credit
Viewing a Student's Program/Plan Stack
Viewing Student's Grades using Student Services Center
Viewing Student Degrees
Viewing Student Degree Checkout Status
Viewing Students in a Student Group
Admissions Secondary Users View Only Summary Pages
Viewing Residency

Continuing Ed

Updating a Student's Site ID
Adding an Application Manually - Interim Process
Continuing Ed Pre-Registration Process

Viewing an Individual Comment Summary