SIS Issues & Resolutions

Issues identified by users and their resolutions will be tracked on this list. If you have an issue or concern that has not been identified, you may use the online comment form to submit your question.  Please view the online support for SIS.  There you will find documentation including online self-help modules as well as job aids with step-by-step instructions.

Current Issues Identified:

Academic Advising

Cannot identify prospective vs. declared major.
Notification of D/F notices.

Class Rosters

Notification of Adds/Drops.
Attachments cannot be included in roster email.


Students are allowed to enroll in a course they are currently taking.
Rules to prevent non-business students from enrolling in too many business courses were not implemented.
Rules that prevent avoiding supplemental tuition were not implemented.
Enrollment in history and LAC.

  Faculty Center

Exam schedules are not available.
Student email addresses in Faculty Center.
Some adjunct or part-time faculty are not gaining access.


Grade submission confirmation.
Confusion with mid-term and final grade rosters.
Confusion with "approved" status.
Entering grades is cumbersome.
Sort order of student names.


The Academics tab in Student Services Center does not display correctly.
The "breadcrumb" navigation trail at the top of the page no longer functions for Student Services Center.

  Registrar's Office

There is a backlog on data entry at Registrar's.
There is a backlog on data entry of declaration forms.
Legacy exception entry.
Graduate program of studies.


Viewing cross-listed course enrollments.
Lack of accurate majors reports.
Lack of college-level reports.

  Schedule of Classes

Availability of hardcopy schedule of classes.
Online class search does not display all sections.
Identification of online classes.
Class search browser issue.
Department secretaries do not have access to email class list.


Plan of study not updated.
Access to student services for MBA students.
Extra click to access student center.
Enrollment appointment times not visible in student center.

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