Student Information System

Frequently Asked Questions


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Where can I find learning resources for SIS?

Resources, including job aids, quick references, and tutorials, can be found on the SIS web site

Who do I contact for training?

Contact Rachel Jones for training needs: 319-273-4713

Who do I call if I receive an error message?

First, access the troubleshooting page on the SIS web site: Troubleshooting
If you continue to have issues or have other questions, please contact Rachel Jones: 319-273-4713

How can I request security access to the SIS?

To request security, complete the SIS Security Request form located in the Support section of the web site:
SIS Security Request Form

Once I have security, where do I access SIS (Campus Solutions)?

To access SIS (Campus Solutions), log onto MyUNIverse. Select the Work @ UNI tab. Click Campus Solutions in the
PeopleSoft SIS Access pagelet.