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Student Information System

Implementation Goals

Project Goals

  • Follow the guiding principles established for the project.
  • Engage stakeholders throughout implementation to help analyze and determine the best approach for the adaptation and conversion to the new system capabilities.
  • Fully engage all divisions of the University to insure that needs of faculty, staff and students are met.
  • Maximize the opportunities and usage of the new system.
  • Develop a comprehensive timeline; and develop work flow and decision making to insure that milestone dates are met and the project is completed within the established timeline.
  • Develop and follow decision making structure will insure that required decisions are made within the designated time frame (or elevated immediately to executive steering committee for action) in order to keep the project on time and on budget.
  • Manage implementation costs to stay within the established project budget.
  • Develop a new SIS that not only meets the needs of students, faculty and staff today, but is designed to be adaptive to emerging needs and technologies.
  • Develop and follow communication plan to keep the campus informed of implementation progress.
  • Develop and follow strategies that will result in an orderly and efficient transfer of system knowledge to UNI employees so that upon completion of implementation, we are fully prepared to manage and utilize the system.