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Student Information System

Legacy (Mainframe) Transaction End Dates

Current Plan - Subject to Change  

On August 5, 2011 access to the Mainframe Update SIS transactions will be terminated.  Users with read access will retain their mainframe read only access for a period of time as determined by the offices.  This access is meant to allow campus uses to review the old data if questions regarding conversion arise.  DO NOT expect the mainframe data to be maintained going forward.

The transaction list below indicates when each specific transaction will no longer be available in the legacy student information system.

If you have questions regarding access to replacement funtionality in the new Student Information System, please contact


Description Turned Off
SIA1 Course Master Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIA6 Student Degree Audit Comment Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIB2 Student Exception Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIB7 Major/Minor Requirement Maintenance 9/2/2011
SID9 Create New Maj/Min From Similar Request 9/2/2011
SIE1 University Requirements Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIE6 SIS System Codes Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIF2 Teacher Endorsement Master Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIF3 Student Teacher Endorsment Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIF5 Submit SIS Batch Procedures (REG) 1/31/2012
SIF6 Submit SIS Batch Procedures (No A/R Updates) 1/31/2012
SIG2 Submit SIS Batch Procedures (ADM) 10/2/2011
SIG4 Alias Course Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIH1 Remove Stdt From Course Waiting List 8/5/2011
SIH3 Submit Degree Audit Request 1/31/2012
SIH5 Measles Code Maintenance 8/5/2011
SIH7 Departmental Majors and Minors Maint 9/2/2011
SIH8 CBA Majors and Minor Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIH9 Submit Grad Program of Study Requests 1/31/2012
SIP7 Change Local Address 9/2/2011
SIR1 Display Course Names 1/31/2012
SIR2 Display Open Course Sections 1/31/2012
SIR3 Display Student Exceptions 1/31/2012
SIR8 Display Open Course Sections 1/31/2012
SIR9 Display Teacher Certification Endorsement 1/31/2012
SIS3 Display Alias Courses 1/31/2012
SIS5 Display Measles Code 1/31/2012
SIS6 Graduate Program of Study Maintenance 9/2/2011
SIT1 Create Graduate Prog of Study from Another 9/2/2011
SIT3 Display Degree Info 1/31/2012
SIT4 Display GRE Info 1/31/2012
SIT5 Display ACT Info 1/31/2012
SIT7 Display Major/Minor Info 1/31/2012
SIT8 Housing and Dining Contract Maintenance To Be Determined
SIT9 ACT Prospective Student Name Search 9/2/2011
SIU1 Session Master Maintenance 8/5/2011
SIU2 Display Session Info 1/31/2012
SIU3 Maintain Honors GPA Cutoff 8/5/2011
SIU4 Display Honors GPA Cutoff 1/31/2012
SIU5 Housing and Dining Daily Rate Maint To Be Determined
SIU8 Display Advanced Placement Information 1/31/2012
SI01 College Master File Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI02 Display College Master File 1/31/2012
SI03 Student Transfer College Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI04 Student Transfer Course Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI05 Electronic Transcripts Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI06 Display Electronic Transcripts 1/31/2012
SI07 Student Transfer College Information 1/31/2012
SI08 Display Course Master Data 1/31/2012
SI09 Display Course Master Data By UNI Equiv 1/31/2012
SI10 Display EDI Data Audit Trail 1/31/2012
SI11 Electronic Transcript Code Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI12 Student Name Search 1/31/2012
SI13 EDI Student Name Search 1/31/2012
SI14 Major Master Record Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI15 Student Name Search With SSN 1/31/2012
SI16 Display Students by College or Course 1/31/2012
SI17 Create Undergraduate Admission Record 9/2/2011
SI19 Create Graduate Admission Record 9/2/2011
SI21 Maintain Personal Admission Data 9/2/2011
SI23 Maintain Academic Admission Data 9/2/2011
SI25 Maintain Administrative Admission Data 9/2/2011
SI27 Display Admissions Data 1/31/2012
SI30 High School Master Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI31 Delete Admission Data 9/2/2011
SI32 Instructor Master Record Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI34 Delete Student Master Record 9/2/2011
SI35 Patron Name and Home Address Maint 8/5/2011
SI36 Delete Patron Record 8/5/2011
SI37 Create Stdt Conversion Info 9/2/2011
SI40 Chg Stdt Conversion Info 9/2/2011
SI42 Crash Inactive Stdt for Registration 9/2/2011
SI43 Process Intent to Register 9/2/2011
SI44 Chg Stdt/Parent Name and Address 9/2/2011
SI48 Chg Holds and Miscellanceous 9/2/2011
SI50 Chg HS and BA/Adv Degree 9/2/2011
SI52 Chg Majors and Minors 9/2/2011
SI54 Change Withdrawal Data 9/2/2011
SI56 Chg Stdt Activity Data 9/2/2011
SI58 Chg Stdt Adminsitrative Data 9/2/2011
SI60 Delete Student Semester Record 9/2/2011
SI64 Student Course Registration 9/2/2011
SI68 Course Semester Record Maintenance 9/2/2011
SI70 Display Student and Parent Name 1/31/2012
SI71 Display HS and BA/Adv Degree 1/31/2012
SI72 Display Conversion data 1/31/2012
SI73 Display Holds and Misc Data 1/31/2012
SI75 Display Student Withdrawal Data 1/31/2012
SI76 Display Student Majors and Minors 1/31/2012
SI77 Display Student Activity Data 1/31/2012
SI78 Display Student Administrative Data 1/31/2012
SI79 Display Student Course Data 1/31/2012
SI80 Display Student Registration 1/31/2012
SI81 Display Course Semester Information 1/31/2012
SI82 Display Semester Codes of Student Data 1/31/2012
SI83 Student Social Security Number Search 1/31/2012
SI84 Additional Student Number Maint 8/5/2011
SI85 Display SIS Data Audit Trail 1/31/2012
SI86 Display Commencement Information 1/31/2012
SI87 Load Limit Maint 9/2/2011
SI88 Update Student Personal Info 8/5/2011
SI89 Display Student Personal Information 1/31/2012
SI90 Display Student Class Schedule 1/31/2012
SI91 Display Course Session Audit 1/31/2012
SR01 Course Size Maintenance 9/2/2011
SR02 Student Registration Eligibility 9/2/2011
SR03 Display Student Registration Eligibility 1/31/2012
SR04 Display Student Registration Activity 1/31/2012
SR05 Registration Date & Time Maintenance 9/2/2011
SR06 Remove Advising Hold 9/2/2011
SR07 Student Approval Maintenance 9/2/2011
SR08 Display Student Approvals 1/31/2012
SR09 Major Prerequisite Maintenance 8/5/2011
SR1D Student Registration - Special Add 8/5/2011
SR1F Student Registration - Special Drop 8/5/2011
SR1H Student Registration - Special Swap 8/5/2011
SR10 Display Major Prerequisites 1/31/2012
SR11 Course Prerequisites Maintenance 8/5/2011
SR12 Display Course Prerequisites 1/31/2012
SR13 Display Course Enrollments 1/31/2012
SR14 Student Registration - Add 9/2/2011
SR16 Student Registraiton - Drop 9/2/2011
SR17 Student Registration - Course Maintenance 9/2/2011
SR18 Student Registration - Swap 9/2/2011
SR19 Student Registration - Add Corresp/Extension 9/2/2011
SR20 Display Student Approvals - All Types 1/31/2012
SR21 Student Approvals to Drop Courses/Load 9/2/2011
SR23 Add Course Approvals for Multiple Students 9/2/2011
SR24 Student Survey Spec Maint 8/5/2011
SR25 Display Course Waiting Lists 1/31/2012
SR26 Student Survey Question Maintenance 8/5/2011
SR27 Registration General Comment Maint 9/2/2011
SR76 Student Registration Menu 8/5/2011
SW01 Student Report Master Viewer (all students) 1/31/2012
SW02 Student Report Departmental Viewer (selected students) 7/29/2011; access level converted to SW01
SW06 Week At-A-Glance Master Viewer 9/2/2011
SW09 Class List Master Viewer To Remain Available for Historical Record Keeping
SW10 Class List Departmental Viewer To Remain Available for Historical Record Keeping
SW25 Centralized Course DB - Course Descr Master To Be Determined
SW26 Centralized Course DB - Course Descriptions To Be Determined
SW29 Centralized Course DB - Prof Ed Requirements Master To Be Determined
SW41 Class List Admnistration 9/2/2011
SW59 Online Grade Submission Reports To Be Determined
SW62 Class List/Grades Viewer for Continuing Ed To Remain Available for Historical Record Keeping
AW03 Admissions Online Inquiry Submissons To Remain Available
AW16 Admissions Orientation Admin - Adm Stdt Employees To Remain Available
CMTR Transcript Charges (produces transcripts & charges) To Be Determined
JW10 Student Requests - Administrative Maintenance To Be Determined
JW11 Student Requests - Master Viewer To Be Determined
JW12 Student Requests - Request Processor/Master Viewer To Be Determined
PW06 Plan of Study - Curriculum Year Maintenance To Be Determined
PW07 Plan of Study - Liberal Arts Program Maintenance To Be Determined