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Student Information System

SIS Functionality – Faculty

Functionality Current SIS New SIS Details/Comments
Ability to generate reports X X The new SIS provides real-time on-demand reporting. With a few clicks, updated information displays online and can also be shared and printed. Commonly-used reports can be electronically delivered.
Submitting schedule of class information
  • Textbook information
  • Room requests
X X The new SIS automates the submission of information related to the class schedule process. Information that currently is manually requested will instead be directly entered into SIS at the department level. Textbook information and room requests will be made in conjunction with this submission.
Ability to generate self-service class lists, grade submission, schedules X X The new SIS provides the same self-service with an enhancement that allows faculty to view their schedule by week.
Ability to drop student not meeting prerequisites X X The current process is very manual. The new SIS includes a process for dropping students who do not meet the pre-requisites and adding students who do meet them.
Maintaining Enrollment Controls
  • Capacities
  • Consents
  • Waitlists
X X Implementation of this functionality to be determined.

Functionality Current SIS New SIS Details/Comments
Accessible through portal from work or at home 24/7 X
  • Allows for working remotely if needed
  • Information is accessible outside core business hours
Viewing real-time information, such as degree audits and grade reports X Today the information is static as of the date produced. In the new SIS this information is dynamic and can be generated real-time and on-demand.
Address cleaning is automated X
  • Departments will expect to spend less time manually updating addresses
  • Decrease in re-sending mailers will decrease costs
  • Improved efficiencies with student communication
Effective dating X In the new SIS more information will be “effective dated” so that we have history and an audit trail of changes. This information will also be more visible.
Photos display on class lists X Faculty and Staff with appropriate security will be able to view photos of students on their class lists.