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Student Information System

January 4, 2011

SIS brings new features that enhance functionality


The new SIS will provide virtually all of the functionality of our current system along with a number of important new features.  For example, the new system will be available through MyUNIverse, allowing it to be accessed from anywhere you have access to the Internet.  In addition, it will be available 24/7 rather than during a more limited set of business hours as is currently the case.


Relative to features, the new SIS:


-- provides real-time, on-demand reporting.  With a few clicks, updated information displays online and can also be shared and printed.  Commonly-used reports can be electronically delivered.


-- will be accessible through MyUNIverse and will allow access 24/7 via from any computer connected to the Internet.  Currently one can access the system only from a University computer and only for limited hours per day.


-- will display student photos in class lists. Faculty (and staff with appropriate security rights) will be able to view student photos on their class lists.


-- provides “effective dating” for a wider range of information.  This will allow for a more complete and understandable historical view of information in a student’s record, and provide an audit trail for changes.


-- automates address cleansing.  Departments can expect to spend less time manually updating addresses and students can expect improved efficiency in communication!


-- allows advisors a broader self-service view.  Advisors will be able to see more student information, along with more detailed and visible student holds (called “service indicators” in the new system).


-- automates the submission of information related to the class schedule process.   Information that currently is provided manually will instead be directly entered into SIS at the department level.  Textbook information and room requests will be made in conjunction with this submission.


-- has enhanced functionality for the 3 C’s -- communication, checklists, and comments.  Those with the appropriate security rights will be able to view and/or maintain information which updates real-time.  Letters and emails sent to the student can be viewed online in the new SIS!


-- provides better information about student holds.  Student holds (called “service indicators” in the new system) will be more visible and detailed.  Faculty, advisors, staff, and students will be able to understand why a hold has been placed and how to clear it without further research.


-- has a feature called Favorites.  Favorites simplifies access to commonly-used pages by allowing users to access them with one click!  The new SIS also has a feature called “Recently Used” which allows quick access to pages recently accessed.